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Our First Cars!

They're not always glamorous or what we really want, but your first car represents freedom and fun, and because of that, we always have a little attachment to them. A couple of us here at BuyAutoParts took a little break from the doom and gloom everywhere else in the world to enjoy a little nostalgia…
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Why You Might Need AC in Winter

On the surface, it does make sense to delay AC repairs during the winter; it’s usually cold outside, so you’re not really turning it on. It’s also nice to be able to delay a car repair until after the holiday season. But there are a couple reasons why leaving your AC inoperative may have secondary…
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Parts Pro in Pensacola, Florida

This month’s BuyAutoParts Shop Spotlight is Parts Pro, supplying OEM parts to mechanics and installers in Pensacola, Florida. Parts Pro is a family-owned and run business that’s about to celebrate their 10th anniversary in April 2021. They carry a full line of parts, from body panels down to the smallest fasteners, and anything else in…
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Do I Need a CARB or EPA Catalytic Converter?

There are two different levels of emissions compliance for vehicles in the US, and it’s important to verify both which one your vehicle is originally equipped with, and which one your current location mandates. EPA (Environmental protection Agency) or Federal emissions meet all federal requirements, but are not legal in California or anywhere else that…
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What Is Rear A/C?

Rear air conditioning is a separate set of AC controls and vents for rear seat passengers. Many vehicles will use the same compressor for models with or without rear AC, but the lines are different, which means the drier filter and expansion valve will be unique, so this is something you need to pay more…
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What Is My Vehicle’s Trim Level?

The trim level of your vehicle can denote which options it has. You might notice these badges on the trunk lid of cars you’re behind in traffic; Camry LE, Explorer Eddie Bauer, Camaro SS, etc. Sometimes that trim level will determine which part your vehicle has, since a higher-trim model might have a larger engine…
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What Is My Vehicle’s Production Date?

Sometimes an automaker will make a revision to a part mid-way through a model year, and you will need to check the production date of your exact vehicle to see if it was built before or after that switch happens. The production date is the exact date your vehicle rolled off the assembly line, and…
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What Are The Different Replacement Part Options?

Part Condition For many parts, we may have multiple options available. While there may be differences in price and warranty, the important thing to know is that they will all fit and perform the same; we just provide multiple options to satisfy every customer. OEM New: This is a brand new part from the same…
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Fleet Maintenance Service – Oakland, Maryland

This month’s BuyAutoParts Shop Spotlight is Fleet Maintenance Service, serving working professionals in Oakland, Maryland since 2011. Fleet is a diesel specialty shop with 8 bays, which is much more impressive when you consider the size of the vehicles they work on, and the space required to work on 8 fire trucks or buses at…
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Does My Steering Rack Need a Solenoid?

Some hydraulic power steering racks will have an electronic component, such as BMW’s Servotronic or GM’s Magnasteer. We will either offer replacements that include a tested and verified-to-work electronic solenoid already attached, or one that does not, for a lower repair cost. If you order a steering rack without the solenoid, you’ll just need to…
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