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Buy Auto Parts Blog

How To Tell If Your Toyota Tacoma is a PreRunner

Toyota first started selling pickup trucks here in 1966, and Nissan began importing the 620 shortly after. These new imported trucks were unlike anything the domestic manufacturers were offering; aside from the reliability and durability their passenger cars were becoming famous for, they were significantly smaller and less expensive than the Chevy & GMC C/K…
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Ford EcoBoost Turbo Buyer’s Guide

It seems counterintuitive, but the engines on modern cars are getting smaller and smaller, while making more and more power, and the “secret” is turbochargers. European sports cars like the Audi S4 & S5, BMW M3, Maserati Quattroporte and countless others have replaced their sonorous naturally-aspirated V8’s with smaller turbocharged V6’s, but it may surprise…
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New From BuyAutoParts: High Articulation CV Axles For Lifted Trucks!

With three exceptions (Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Ram 2500/3500 and Ford Super Duty), every vehicle you can buy new today has independent front suspension. It can respond to terrain much faster than a solid axle can and provides much better ride and handling. It’s realistically much better for everything that 99% of vehicles are actually used…
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Ford Explorer Steering Rack Buyer’s Guide

The Jeep Cherokee (among several others) was first, but many people credit the Ford Explorer with turning the sport utility vehicle from a hobby vehicle to something you could use every day, and eventually, the default option when buying a new car. More than half of all new cars sold today are technically considered “light…
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Ford F-150 Steering Rack Buyer’s Guide

The Ford F-Series pickup has been America’s best-selling pickup truck since 1977, and best-selling vehicle overall since 1981. When you include Canada, over one million trucks were sold each year in 2004, 2017, 2018 and 2019, and a big part of that success is how many different options there are when it comes to spec’ing…
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2002-2006 Honda CRV AC Black Death Repair

There are a lot of cars with a reputation for quart-million-mile reliability, aside from “that one thing”. Toyota pickups rust really easy, the Chevy 6.5L diesel has the PMD that overheats, and for a lot of Honda models, it’s the air conditioning. Owners and specialist mechanics call it “Black Death” because is describes the color…
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Huelsman Automotive in Chickasaw, Ohio

This month’s BuyAutoParts Shop Spotlight is Huelsman Automotive in Chickasaw, Ohio. This local business was opened June 1st, 1947 by Charles Huelsman and is still run today by his grandsons Tom & John, along with their wives Kathy & Linda. Today, the shop has 27 employees with over 400 years of combined experience and maintains…
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What to Do with A P0420 Code

Your car’s catalytic converter is the centerpiece of the emissions control system, which unfortunately makes it one of the more feared and expensive potential repairs you may need. At its most basic level, the cat works as a filter on your exhaust system to reduce the pollution that exits your tailpipe. It’s designed to last…
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Our First Cars!

They're not always glamorous or what we really want, but your first car represents freedom and fun, and because of that, we always have a little attachment to them. A couple of us here at BuyAutoParts took a little break from the doom and gloom everywhere else in the world to enjoy a little nostalgia…
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Why You Might Need AC in Winter

On the surface, it does make sense to delay AC repairs during the winter; it’s usually cold outside, so you’re not really turning it on. It’s also nice to be able to delay a car repair until after the holiday season. But there are a couple reasons why leaving your AC inoperative may have secondary…
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