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How to Repair Intercooler


The Intercooler repair "How To" section of our site is here to help when you need that little bit of extra knowledge to get your project up and running. From the list below select the video or article that is related to info about the product line desired.


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Turbocharged engines create a huge amount of heat from the compression of the air that is forced into the intake. As the air is forced into a smaller space at high pressure, a large amount of heat is generated and it needs to be released. Not only is the heat dangerous to the internal components but it also limits the air flow. The intercooler is a device that spreads out the air across multiple channels and allows outside air to remove the excess heat. The external air cools the large surface of the intercooler which in turn cools the air internally. This allows for more air to be moved at the same PSI (pounds per square inch) by the turbo. Cooler air takes up less space and also puts less stress on the vehicle's cooling system.


Intercoolers found on production cars are generally air to air units which have no moving parts. They use the movement of the vehicle to achieve the desired cooling effect through the intercooler. The second and less common type of intercooler is the air to water intercooler which has internal channels which use coolant flowing through the intercooler to cool internal surfaces that pull heat out of the air. The air to water intercooler is used in situations of extreme heat. They are generally found in high performance turbo applications.


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