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  • Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil

    April 19,2012

    Maintaining clean motor oil is essential in the proper care of your vehicle, but whether you take it to a shop or do it yourself, a debate is inevitable: conventional or synthetic? Synthetic is obviously more expensive, but is it worth the extra dollars spent? You might want to to tune in, especially if you have a vehicle with a supercharger or turbocharger.

  • New York's New Nissan Taxi Cabs

    April 18,2012

    Nothing in the automobile industry is quite as iconic for a city as New York’s taxi cabs. The Crown Victoria has been the shape of the iconic cab since the 1980’s, but this year it was announced that Nissan has won the bid to replace the Crown Victoria for the next ten years of cabs in NYC. Nissan asked cab drivers, and the many men and women cab passengers in New York City, what was most important to them in a cab and created the ultimate taxi of safety and convenience. Cabbies drive the vehicles for an average three years, but since that usually tallies up to 400,000 miles they practically drive them until the wheel hub and bearing assembly fall off, so it's important to have a robust design as well. Really, the only drawback is its less than stellar appearance, but once we cover the new features available you’ll be able to look past it's ugly yellow shell.

  • Fresh Squeezed Orange Oil Tires

    April 17,2012

    Tires are the only thing between the entire rest of your car and the ground, so it goes without saying that they are extremely important factors in the safety, efficiency, and handling of your vehicle. There is more to it than simply making sure you have a properly functioning air fuel ratio sensor and O2 sensor. There are several components to a great tire, but two main components that effect fuel efficiency and longevity of the tread are the rubber and oil mixture used to make the tire.

  • 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Their Vehicle

    April 16,2012

    Not everyone is passionate about cars. In fact, most people who drive on the road just use their vehicles for transport. Ask the average person what is the difference between a diesel turbocharger and diesel injectors and see what happens. Even so, there are still a few things that everyone behind the wheel should know about their car to make sure they stay safe and don’t endanger those around them. Here is a list of 10 things that every driver should know about their own car.

  • NHTSA Wants Brake-Throttle Override Systems

    April 13,2012

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to upgrade the agency’s current safety standards to include brake-throttle override systems. This will most likely be included in the software on your engine control module and would control things like your ABS control module does. This is to disable the throttle in the case that the driver presses both the throttle and the brake at the same time. The new standards would apply to all vehicles and buses regardless of size and weight.

  • In-Car Wireless Charging

    April 11,2012

    If you’ve ever been frustrated by a dead cell phone in the car, or by rummaging around your car for that special car-charger, there is a solution on the way. Chrysler has announced that the new 2013 Dodge Dart will come equipped with a wireless charging station, located right underneath the car cd player or car navigation system.

  • The 2013 SRT Viper

    April 10,2012

    The New York Auto Show is this week, and although there are thousands of cars on display, you might not notice because everyone’s talking about the same thing: the new SRT Viper. Sure, it doesn't have a supercharger or a turbocharger but it's still an absolutely breathtaking sight to behold. After a few years hiatus the Viper is back with a vengeance under the SRT name. Let’s dig in to some of the great details that make this car so magnificent.

  • What is Your Check Engine Light Trying to Tell You?

    April 6,2012

    If you’ve ever had a check engine light come on in your vehicle, you know the fear and annoyance it can strike to your heart and wallet. You might be aware of this light if you have ever tried to get a smog test with it illuminated – it is grounds for automatic disqualification, and usually requires a replacement of an air fuel ratio sensor or oxygen sensor. We’re going to explain a little about what this light is, what the light means, and what you can do if it comes on in your car.

  • The First Auto Show - 1900

    April 5,2012

    With the New York International Auto Show in full swing this week, it’s interesting to take a look at the humble roots of this show. Back to a simpler time before air fuel ratio sensors and 02 sensors. The very first of its kind was held in 1900 at Madison Square Garden. The weeklong event displayed 31 brand new vehicles and a variety of accessories to customize each “horseless carriage.” Even more interesting is this excerpt from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on October 13th, 1900 describing the show:

  • The Scoop on Spare Tires

    April 4,2012

    Tires are pretty durable, but look on the side of any busy freeway and you’ll see a car or two jacked up with a flat tire, the wheel hub and bearing assembly exposed for all to see. This happens often enough that car manufacturers include a spare tire to get you to the nearest tire station to purchase a new tire. There are even manufacturers warnings about how many miles you can drive on a spare, but we’ve all seen people who have left a spare on for longer than they should. What harm can this do and how is a spare tire different than a regular tire?