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  • The Gearhead Quiz Marathon – Win BAP Bucks for Your Car!

    July 30,2015

    buy auto parts gearhead quiz marathon

    Think you know your cars? Do you count classic cars in your sleep instead of sheep? Want to put your knowledge toward a fun and potentially profitable contest? Welcome to the Gearhead Quiz Marathon!

  • The Scary Truth about Dogs in Hot Cars, and What Lawmakers are Doing about It

    July 28,2015

    dog in car_car safety

    During the summer, it’s difficult to see stories in the news about children being left in hot cars. Another frequent and similarly distressing event is when dogs are likewise abandoned. How long does a dog have to live in sweltering car with the windows rolled up and no fresh air to breathe? And what legal ramifications, if any, are currently on the books? Let’s take a look at the issue.

  • Five Vehicle Fluids to Check Before Your Roadtrip

    July 23,2015

    vehicle fluids_car parts

    Your plans are in place. You’re all packed and ready to go. Vacation or some other fun destination is almost here – you just have to get there. Everybody’s anxious to leave. You’re ready. Everyone else is ready. But is your car ready?

  • Five of the Most Obscenely Lavish Cars in the World

    July 21,2015


    Do you prefer cars with the old crank-style windows? How about AM-only radio? If your idea of the perfect car is a no-frills ride, you might want to reconsider your tastes. There’s nothing wrong with a car that gets you from point A to point B in the most affordable matter possible, it’s just that most people regard automobile luxury as something that’s nice to have. Plus, there are the folks who simply must have the latest gadgets and top-of-the-line appointments.

  • The Ultimate Turbocharger Diagram

    July 16,2015


    Turbochargers are one of the most complex components of an automobile. Much mystery surrounds the turbocharger. It's somewhat of a “mechanical monster” to most people - even those folks that actually own a turbocharged engine. And that's somewhat surprising; after all, turbochargers are pretty slick pieces of machinery. They do totally cool things to an engine -- namely, provide more power output for a better overall driving experience.

  • Common Car Air Conditioning System Problems and How to Fix Them

    July 9,2015

    ac filter_cabin air filter

    It’s 90 degrees outside. Things are really heating up. It’s an inferno out there. Now is not the time to experience car A/C issues. When you hit that little “A/C” button on the dashboard, you expect the cold air, and quick. When warm air arrives instead…well, it’s time to hit the “panic” button, right?

  • Five Major Signs of Alternator Problems

    July 7,2015

    alternator_alternator problems

    Trying to figure out if your car is having battery or alternator problems can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. In the long list of questionable car issues that are the result of two similar components (starter or battery? brake pads or rotors? muffler or catalytic converter? etc.), the battery and alternator rank high – perhaps more common than any other pair of auto parts.

  • Mechanics 101: What is an Alternator?

    July 2,2015

    alternator_what is an alternator

    Ask a casual car enthusiast what an alternator is, and you’ll get one of the following five responses...

  • Ever Wonder How to Recharge A/C? Keep Reading!

    June 30,2015

    recharge ac_car ac compressor

    There’s nothing quite so annoying and uncomfortable as getting into your reliable old car on an especially hot day and finding that the air conditioning’s just not what it used to be. It’s easy to give up on it and assume that it would be too expensive or too difficult to fix, leaving you in a pretty bad place on hot days. Fortunately, getting the A/C up and running back to its comfortable old self isn’t all that hard. With an easy-to-find part and twenty minutes of tinkering, you can find yourself enjoying your drive time a whole lot more.

  • Top 10 James Bond Cars of All-Time

    June 25,2015

    aston martin

    Agent 007 isn’t your typical car enthusiast. For one, he travels a lot more than most. The most beautiful women are always hanging around Mr. Bond and he always delivers the perfect throwaway line after saving the world, deadpan humor and all. He really is the most interesting man in the world (sorry, beer commercial guy).