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  • How to Save Money at the Mechanic's with Affordable Car Parts

    August 27,2015

    Car Parts

    If you’re not planning to do it yourself for your next car repair, you can still save money at your mechanic’s shop.

  • How Do I Keep My AC Cold? [Infographic]

    August 20,2015

    AC Infographic

    Air conditioning is like iced tea. Nobody ever said, “Wow, this lukewarm iced tea is awesome!” Same goes for your car’s AC system – it has to be cold. Tepid simply won’t cut it. With this in mind, we’ll review some ways to keep that AC air freezing (not quite see-your-breath cold, but darn close).

  • The Ultimate Buyers Guide of the Best Gifts for Mechanics

    August 19,2015

    kobalt grip pliers

    What’s in your toolbox? Do you need a big boost of function and a little “fun factor?” Sometimes, a new tool can bring a little joy back into working on your car. Much like the proverbial “kid on Christmas day,” even rough-and-tumble mechanics get excited with a new tool. Hey, we’re all kids at heart, right?

  • Top Ten Celebrity Gearheads

    August 13,2015

    Jay Leno_Gearhead

    Think “gearhead,” and you probably come up with images of blue-collar guys working on cars. And grease – plenty of grit and grime. What most people DON’T associate the term “gearhead” with are celebrities. For some reason, we all think that wealth and fame automatically excludes a certain segment of the population from the everyday endeavors of Joe Sixpack.

  • How Automotive AC Works

    August 6,2015

    It’s funny how some of us take our car’s air conditioning for granted. When it’s hot outside, we just click the “AC” button and turn the fan setting to “MAX” – without ever giving it a second thought. The Evaporator, AC Condenser and everything else do their jobs, and everything’s OK. The only time we really think about how everything works is when it doesn’t work. We’ve compiled this graphic to show exactly what happens when your air conditioning system is up and running. It’s not quite magic – a lot of science is involved – but the dynamic interplay between all the components (AC Compressor, Condenser, Drier and other key players) is pretty cool (actually cold!) to consider.

  • The Gearhead Quiz Marathon – Win BAP Bucks for Your Car!

    July 30,2015

    buy auto parts gearhead quiz marathon

    Think you know your cars? Do you count classic cars in your sleep instead of sheep? Want to put your knowledge toward a fun and potentially profitable contest? Welcome to the Gearhead Quiz Marathon!

  • The Scary Truth about Dogs in Hot Cars, and What Lawmakers are Doing about It

    July 28,2015

    dog in car_car safety

    During the summer, it’s difficult to see stories in the news about children being left in hot cars. Another frequent and similarly distressing event is when dogs are likewise abandoned. How long does a dog have to live in sweltering car with the windows rolled up and no fresh air to breathe? And what legal ramifications, if any, are currently on the books? Let’s take a look at the issue.

  • Five Vehicle Fluids to Check Before Your Roadtrip

    July 23,2015

    vehicle fluids_car parts

    Your plans are in place. You’re all packed and ready to go. Vacation or some other fun destination is almost here – you just have to get there. Everybody’s anxious to leave. You’re ready. Everyone else is ready. But is your car ready?

  • Five of the Most Obscenely Lavish Cars in the World

    July 21,2015


    Do you prefer cars with the old crank-style windows? How about AM-only radio? If your idea of the perfect car is a no-frills ride, you might want to reconsider your tastes. There’s nothing wrong with a car that gets you from point A to point B in the most affordable matter possible, it’s just that most people regard automobile luxury as something that’s nice to have. Plus, there are the folks who simply must have the latest gadgets and top-of-the-line appointments.

  • The Ultimate Turbocharger Diagram

    July 16,2015


    Turbochargers are one of the most complex components of an automobile. Much mystery surrounds the turbocharger. It's somewhat of a “mechanical monster” to most people - even those folks that actually own a turbocharged engine. And that's somewhat surprising; after all, turbochargers are pretty slick pieces of machinery. They do totally cool things to an engine -- namely, provide more power output for a better overall driving experience.