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2002-2006 Honda CRV AC Black Death Repair

If you drive a 2002 – 2006 Honda CR-V, you’ve more than likely had your share of problems with the AC system. It may seem like there is always a problem with it or that it’s never completely trouble free, right? After countless days in the repair shop and enormous amounts of money spent, you may start to think you’re going crazy. But rest assured that you’re not insane and the hidden culprit causing constant headaches is what’s known to many mechanics as the BLACK DEATH!

2003-2014 Chevy/GMC Truck & SUV AC Compressor Failure

If your part of the country is hot even just a few days out of the year, you already know how important the AC system is when you’re driving. Driving around town in stop-and-go traffic won’t give you enough cooling breeze even with the windows down and a long commute in the heat can leave you sweaty and your clothes stained. Worse still is hot summer rain without functioning AC. In most modern cars the AC system is also employed as a dehumidifier and when it’s broken you can end up with foggy windows that are not only annoying, but also incredibly dangerous when you’re trying to see well enough to drive.

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How Do I Keep My AC Cold? [Infographic]

Air conditioning is like iced tea. Nobody ever said, “Wow, this lukewarm iced tea is awesome!” Same goes for your car’s AC system – it has to be cold. Tepid simply won’t cut it. With this in mind, we’ll review some ways to keep that AC air freezing (not quite see-your-breath cold, but darn close).

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The Ultimate Car A/C Buying Guide

Your car’s A/C system keeps everything cool inside, even if it’s scorching outside. When one component fails, the air conditioning system fails. That’s why it’s important to realize the major parts involved with your auto’s A/C. Our AC Compressor Buying Guide provides plenty of in-depth information on what to look for when buying an A/C compressor.

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A/C Compressor and A/C Condenser: The Primary Differences

It’s hot outside. You get in the car and start the engine. It’s too hot to put the windows down – it’s definitely an air conditioner-type day. You press the A/C button and, within seconds, cold air is blowing throughout your car. Not even a minute later, your entire car cabin is cool & comfortable.

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How to Make Your Car’s Air Conditioner Ice Cold

Spring is in full swing, and those steamy, sweaty summer months are right around the corner. Is your car’s air conditioner ready? When the significant others (wife and kids) demand chilly temps to offset the sweltering summer climate…well, it’s time to get that A/C performing properly. What can you do to ensure an icy auto interior? We’ll look at the question from two different ways.

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Summer is coming: Time to make sure your A/C system is working right

Imagine this scenario happening to you: It is a hot summer day, and you are planning on getting away for the weekend. Your drive is about 3 hours away and you can’t wait to reach your destination because it involves a lake or a beach and a whole lot of fun. Right as you go to turn on your car, you notice your A/C system is not cooling. Now you have to decide whether you want to drive 6 hours round trip in the smoldering sun or cancel your weekend plans to take your car in to an A/C technician. All of a sudden the weekend getaway you were looking forward to is not so exhilarant.

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AC Blowing but NOT Cool? Check out the Expansion Valve

You vehicle air conditioning system is pretty dependent on all the parts in the AC system. If something isn’t working, then you can bet you are going to know it on those hot, hot summer days. Your AC expansion valve is a pretty simple part in concept, but it has a very important job when it comes to whether you just get air instead of cool air.

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