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20 Things You Should Keep In Your Car This Winter.

Have you winterized your car? Snow tires, fresh oil change, fluid refills, battery checks – they’re all important, no doubt about it. But have you really winterized your car?

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How to Prep Your Car for Winter

Here’s a seasonal saying you don’t hear too often, but is still 100% accurate: winter is hell on your automobile. And that might be putting it mildly, because winter weather (for a large chunk of the country) is anything but mild.

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Are car accidents more common in the winter time?

According to AAA’s daily fuel gauge report the national average for the price of a gallon of gas sits at a low $2.353 at the present moment. This is a whole dollar less than the national average at this time last year, and while this is a very convenient fact for most Americans (especially during the holiday season); there can be a downside to more winter weather driving. You don’t need me to tell you that driving in wet, icy or snowy conditions greatly increase your chances of being in an accident, but here I am telling you. This is because over the next week, 98.6 million Americans will be hitting the roads to meet up with friends and family for the holidays. This 4% increase in holiday travel from last year will surely lead to more accidents.

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How To Prepare Your Car For Cold Weather

In most parts of the US, the weather is starting to get much colder. The hot days of summer are gone and depending on where you are exactly, it might already be snowing (the Upper Midwest just had a snowstorm a couple of weeks ago). Regardless, when the temperatures drop, there are things you can do to your car to help it out during the really cold months of the year. Trust me, it’s better to be prepared than to be stuck on the road during a snow storm. So take a look at our list and don’t be left out in the snow:

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