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2002-2008 Subaru Turbocharger Failure

Even cars with a meticulous oil-change history are not immune to turbocharger oil starvation as fresh oil alone is not enough to prevent it. Most of the failures we see are because oil starvation when the banjo bolt filter clogs and cuts off lubrication. Eventually, the turbo will fail and cause severe damage within the intake tract of your motor.

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Are You Guilty of These Devastating Turbocharging Mistakes?

Turbochargers are some of the coolest parts inside of cars. They increase power. They make an awesome sound. There is a movie starring a snail and also an American Gladiator named after them. I think we can all agree that it doesn’t get much cooler than American Gladiators. The only thing better than having a turbocharged car, is having a twin-turbocharged car.

Yes, turbos are great but we must also realize that these performance enhancers have a dark side. And what drives these parts to the dark side? It is not Darth Vader. The answer is, bad installation or improper driving.

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