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Symptoms of Bad Ignition Coils

Symptoms of Bad Ignition Coils


How Much Does a Ignition Coil Cost?


Symptoms of Bad Ignition Coils


Ignition coils are a vital part of your car, and knowing the signs of failure could save you a whole lot of time and trouble. The coils are vital to the ignition system since it moves electrical current to the distributor and spark plugs, which in hand ignites the fuel and air that moves your vehicle down the road.

Stalling Out

Weak spark is the first sign that the ignition coil may be failing. During acceleration, the air and fuel that is forced into the cylinders blow whatever spark there is out, which causes the car to stall. So, if a car is running on a weak spark, the car will be able to turn on, but will stall out soon after the acceleration. If you’ve already ruled out that you don’t have a faulty battery – the ignition coil may be something to look into.


Oil Leak


Most ignition coils are within a housing that is filled with oil. If the coil overheats, the housing will break, causing an oil leak. An oil leak can mean that you have a flooded carburetor and the vehicle will run very poorly. Double check to see if there is clear oil leaking around the ignition coil housing, and be sure to replace the coil before it completely fails.


Car Won't Start at All


In some cases, complete failure of the ignition coils will prevent you from turning on your car at all. If there is a clicking noise when you try to turn over the car, you can rule out the ignition coil. But, if there is no noise at all, this is an indication that the ignition system has failed. A failed coil will prevent any spark, an in turn, no combustion for the car to turn on.


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