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4 Wheel ABS or 2 Wheel ABS Explained Video

Video Transcript:

So, here we are comparing two wheel hubs here. We are gonna make a quick match, make sure everything looks good. Bolts, nuts are the same. Here, you want to confirm with your vehicle prior to ordering the hub if you have a two or four wheel ABS. It is very simple to do. Standard trucks come with two wheel ABS and the two wheels in the back are the ones with ABS. So, you will have no electrical wires going to the front of the truck. We need to determine this you can lay under your truck.

You will want to look for any electrical wires going to center section of the wheel. So, you have an electrical wire coming through here and way back here. You have a sensor that is going to read a ring on the hub assembly called the electrical ring. And, this you can see will not have a two wheel ABS or does not have a four wheel ABS. This one's gonna be two wheel ABS application. So, you confirm the back wheel hubs are similar and no electrical ring for the ABS to read.

Now, you are gonna clean up this to reinstall the hub. We want to make sure that you replace the axle nut or spindle nut. It's very important, you replace it with a new one.


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