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Knowing the real differences between used, re-built and re-manufactured products go a long way
in making an informed decision when it's time to replace the part. The first category is used parts. Some people view these parts as the best value alternative but the danger in choosing these parts is their uncertain reliability. Since there is no way of knowing how the previous vehicle was driven and maintained or how long the part will last, the real possibility of spending more in the long run makes this a risky choice.

Re-built parts is the next category to consider. During this process only the faulty components are replaced, before the unit is reassembled for sale. While this process appears to bring new life to the unit, it does nothing to address the issues that may have caused the unit to fail prematurely, leaving you with a unit that is likely to fail again.

That brings us to re-manufactured parts. These units are completely dis-assembled, cleaned, examined and a 100% tested. Then, product engineers identify any patterns of failure that caused the units to wear prematurely. Once the problems are identified, the units are re-engineered to correct those faults.

Our entire operation has been built on perfecting the re-manufacturing process. High-quality standards, commitment to excellence are the highest in the industry, resulting in products that are designed well.

Here's an example of a Cardone re-engineering improvement on Ford's power brake boosters. The original material used on the hub is weak and susceptible to cracks due to forceful pedal exertion. Our engineers replaced the original hub with stronger material and installed 3 gaskets to keep moisture away from the mounting area. This improvement results in longer life of the unit and better reliability for the customer.

Hope this information has been informative and will help you decide which style of part best fits your needs.

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