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Car Trends That Need To End Immediately

Headlight Lashes

I don’t know where and when this headlight trend started, but it has taken over. As a female, I’m not sure why my fellow ladies have happily handed over their money to invest in these hideous car lashes. I’ve noticed that there has been a recent outbreak of this epidemic in San Diego – and I blame it on LivingSocial’s sweet deal.

Family Rear Window Decals

I can guarantee that you’ve seen this posted on some sort of mini-van or SUV. I guess people like showing off how many people and dogs and cats and birds they have in their family. But do you really need to display it for all to see? One time I was driving behind a van with a decal of one lady and a slew of 8 cats trailing her. To top that off, the saddest instance I’ve seen was a family of 4 that HAD two dogs. The dogs had X’s through them, indicating that they had died. I’d really prefer to be spared from these depressing details while I’m driving.

Tow Hook “Drift” Toys

This trend started out in Japan and should have stayed there. It’s used as a symbol to show that the drivers of these charmed-out vehicles were ready to street race. Some bedazzle their tow hooks in an attempt to be more “JDM” or Japanese Domestic Market –which essentially means they’re adding on some exclusive Japanese flair.  Here’s a little history lesson: In Japan, this entire trend was influenced by cement drivers who needed to attach buckets off the back of their truck to catch any excess cement. Real cool. Now go take off that grimy stuffed Hello Kitty. Oh and this includes those rings too.

Ultra-Lifted Trucks

I get it. You drive a big truck, it’s powerful, and you can take it off-roading anywhere. But is it REALLY necessary to have it lifted (what feels like) an extra 3 feet? I can’t imagine getting in and out of that thing can be all too graceful. Not to mention, it’s irritating that I’m instantly blinded at night when one decides to change into my lane. Do everyone a favor, lower your truck.

Huge Spoilers

Thankfully this trend has lost much of its popularity and is on its way out from the automobile world. On race cars, these spoilers will produce drag on the rear wheels that will help maintain grip while at traveling high speeds. But on everyday cars, these just look outrageous and pretty useless.

What do you think about these car trends? What other ridiculous trends can you think of?

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