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Drier / Expansion Device System Layout Diagram

drier expansion device system layout    

The picture above shows the layout of an AC system with drier and expansion devices.

Note: This Diagram is for illustration purposes only, to identify the major components of the Drier / Expansion Device System and is not intended to represent any specific automotive system. Each Make and Model will be different and all service should be done by a licensed technician in accordance with manufacturer's specifications and accepted automotive repair guidelines.

The receiver-drier is fixed between the condenser and the evaporator, on the discharge or high pressure side of the A/C system. The drier, which does the same function as an accumulator, acts as a filter to the A/C system. It is designed to remove debris and moisture from the system as well as store a certain amount of refrigerant cycling through the system. There is a desiccant element inside the drier that absorbs the moisture from the refrigerant. It is crucial that the moisture be removed from the system because it can be extremely damaging to the components inside your A/C system.

A lower level of refrigerant in the AC system can be found with the help of the receiver-drier. In normal conditions, there will be bubbles inside the receiver-drier when the AC is not functioning. However, if you find any bubbles or oil streaks or milky substance in the receiver, it is an indication of a low level of refrigerant in the system. This is one of the methods of finding refrigerant leaks.

An expansion valve that is fixed between the receiver-drier and the evaporator regulates the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. It is similar to that of the orifice tube in accumulator-installed AC systems. When the AC temperature is adjusted in the vehicle's dashboard, this is the component that actually regulates the refrigerant to the evaporator with respect to the temperature set, thereby providing the appropriate cooling. The expansion valve consists of a bulb filled with gas that senses the temperature and regulates the opening/closing of the expansion valve.

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If you call into Buy Auto Parts to buy a drier, you may hear our sales representatives refer to it as an accumulator/drier. While the two are slightly different from one another, if you don’t have one then you most certainly have the other and either way we are going to sell you the correct part. If you are looking to identify the drier in the A/C system, it can be found adjacent to the condenser or somewhere in line before the expansion valve. When you are replacing your compressor or any other components in the A/C system for that matter, it is a good idea to replace the accumulator/drier.

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