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Honda Accord Steering System Moan


The 2003 - 2007 Honda accord is a great car but even the best have some issues.The Accord is well known for having a moaning or screeching issue when in full lock and this is caused by bad O-rings allowing air to enter the steering system. The fix for this is simple and can save the vehicle owner a number of future headaches.  During cold starts after air has entered the system the cold power steering fluid can have bubbles or foam in it that will dissipate once the fluid has warmed and the noise will stop.

1. Remove the bolt holding the inlet joint to the power steering pump housing.

2. Place a shop towel under the inlet joint.

3. Twist the inlet joint back and forth until it is loose, then carefully disconnect the joint and point the hose upward to minimize fluid loss.

4. Remove the inlet joint O-ring.

5. Apply power steering fluid to a new O-ring and install it on the inlet joint.

6. Install the inlet joint and torque its bolt to 8 lb-ft

Top off the power steering fluid if needed. Start the engine and let it idle.Confirm that the noise is gone and that the system is operating properly.

This is a simple but helpful update due to the fact that a mis-informed mechanic may mistake this noise as a bad steering pump and the fix can be significantly more expensive.

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