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How To Replace Your Ignition Coils?


Video Transcript:

Hi there. It's Jay. We're here at BuyAutoParts in the We Make it Easy Video Series. Today, we're working on the 2003 Dodge Ram pickup truck. And, we've got a couple of random misfires that we found on the OBD2 scanner. So, we're going to go ahead and change the ignition coils on this.

We've got a whole set of ignition coils, and we're going to replace every single one of them, just to make sure that we don't have any more problems. And, it's a fairly simple job. There is a couple of things that we've got to move out of our way here. But, as far as actually changing them out, it's just a bolt that holds them in, a clip that clips on there, and easy as that. So, we're going to go ahead and get started and remove the intake and follow along and see how it goes.

We're going to get started by taking the intake boots off. Just a couple of hose clamps here. We're going to take the air intake temperature sensor. I've marked this wire. So, we pull it off and know where it is and where it goes. Then, over on this side, we're going to have a 10mm bolt. Go ahead and remove that. There's one just like it on the passenger side, as well. We've already removed that one. So, now, we've got this loose. The box should just wiggle loose out of the hoses. We've got our breather hose here in the back which we pop off. There we go. We've got access to our coils, which on this engine sit right here; four on one side and four on the other. We're going to get those out.

Alright, now, we've got the intake out of our way. We can see our coils. These are already labeled from another project. They are 1, 2, 3, and 4. Not necessarily the order of firing or anything; it's just marked that way for clarity. So, we knew where each one went. These clips on here. On a lot of the older cars, you've got to be really careful. The plastic does get brittle. And, if you force these things off, a lot of times they can crack. It doesn't make them useless, but it does make it a potential for them to wiggle loose. So, be really careful taking these off. The Dodge ones are actually pretty high quality clips. So, we should hear a click when we open this. Like that. And it just pulls straight back. Then, we un-clip all four of them. And, then, the other thing holding this in is the nut, the 10mm nut you see right here. We'll take that nut off and it coils straight out. Like that, the old one out, and put the new one in. When we get that back in, we should hear a click again. Alright, easy as that. We've finished the driver's side.

So, we're going to move over to the passenger here. And same process. Just going to go ahead and un-clip our electrical connectors. Okay, so we've got all the coils changed. We're going to go ahead and get the airbox back on. Okay, we've got the new coils all installed. Truck fires up, just fine. Sounds great. We're going to check the scanner again. You can see right there: no codes present in the computer; so looks like we've found our problem, solved it, and we should be good to go from there.


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