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Power Steering Fluid Recommendations

Power Steering (PS) fluid provides the necessary hydraulic/fluid pressure for the working of the power steering system. Besides this, it lubricates and cools down the steering components. The PS fluid also acts a sealant and prevents corrosion. The power steering fluid has low compressibility, low volatility, high viscosity and high resistance to fire. With so many requirements, it's no wonder that there is a plethora of formulations on the market. Many vehicle manufacturers utilize specialized fluid. These fluids are designed to work in specific systems and usually give the best results.

Make Model Fluid Type
Acura All Honda P/S Fluid
Audi All Pentosin CHF
BMW All from 9/91 Production Pentosin CHF 11S
BMW All from 9/91 Production Pentosin CHF 7.1
chrysler/Dodge Post-1998(unless specified) ALT F4
chrysler/Dodge All pre-1998 P/S Fluid
Daewoo All Dexron II or III
Ford/Linc/Merc All Mercon ATF
General Motors All P/S Fluid
Honda All Honda Fluid
Hyundai Check Application P/S Fluid 3 or Dexron II
Jaguar All Dexron III
Jeep 09-05 Grand cherokee, all engines WK Hydraulic
Jeep 09-06 Commander,5.7L WK Hydraulic
Jeep 07-06 Commander,3.7L & 4.7L WK Hydraulic
Jeep All Post-1998(unless specified) ALT F4
Jeep Pre-1998 & pre-2005 Grand Cherokee P/S Fluid
Infiniti All Dexron III or equivalent ATF
Isuzu All Dexron II or Dexron III
Kia Check Application P/S Fluid or Dexron II
Land Rover All Dexron II or Dexron III
Lexus All Dexron II or Dexron III
Mazda All Dexron III or equivalent ATF
Mercedes-Benz Check Application Pentosin CHF 11S
Mercedes-Benz Check Application P/S Fluid
Mini All Pentosin CHF 11S
Mitsubishi Check Application P/S Fluid or Dexron II
Nissan/Datsun All Dexron III or equivalent ATF
Porsche All Pentosin CHF 11S or CHF 202
Saab Check Application Varies by Application
Saturn All P/S Fluid
Scion All Dexron II or Dexron III
Subaru All Dexron II or Dexron III
Suzuki All Dexron II or Dexron III
Toyota All Dexron II or Dexron III
Volkswagen All from 4/89 Production Pentosin CHF
Volkswagen All from 3/89 Production P/S Fluid
Volvo Check Application Varies by Application

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list and is meant as a general guideline only. Refer to the manufacturer's specifications before providing any service.

If you're asking yourself "Which power steering fluid should I use?", take a look at our chart above. There are also a number of systems that use automatic transmission fluid for power steering. These systems are usually designated with the words "Use automatic transmission fluid", "Use Dexron" or "Use Mercon" written on the fill cap or in the owner's manual. Automatic transmission fluid is fine for systems designed to work with it, but should never be used in a system that calls for power steering fluid. Due to a huge number of factors, no guide can replace an individual manufacturer's recommendations. The above is a general guide but should be verified for specific makes and models.

Most power steering problems involve leakage. Over time, seals get hard and debris wear down the sealing surfaces. Both problems are made far worse by dirty power steering fluid with depleted additives. Replacing power steering fluid is very easy and will save you a big headache in the long run. The recommended interval to change the PS fluid is often specified in the owners' manual. If you find any discoloration in the fluid, you should replace it.

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