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 Symptoms of Bad Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injector    

The fuel injector is a small nozzle that controls the flow of fuel from the fuel pump to the engine cylinder. It uses an internal channel that directs the flow of fuel into the cylinder. When electricity is applied to the unit, the channel is opened and the fuel is sprayed from the injector into the cylinder. Once the voltage is removed, the unit snaps shut, stopping the flow of fuel. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) controls the fuel injector. The longer the fuel injector nozzle is opened, the more fuel is delivered to the engine. Depending on the kind of the fuel injection method incorporated in the fuel system, one or more fuel injectors are used. Modern fuel injection systems usually include more than one fuel injector.

Since the primary function of the injector is delivering fuel to the engine, any flaw in the injector will affect the engine's performance/efficiency. Any physical damage to the injector such as cracks or breaks will result in a fuel leak, which will cause the injector to deliver less fuel to the cylinder, thereby reducing the engine power. Some of the common symptoms of a defective injector include rough/choppy idling of the engine, misfiring, and surging. A bad injector will also make the “Check Engine” light illuminate on your dashboard.

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