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The 8 Factors to Consider in Fuel System Diagnostics

When there is a poor performance from the fuel system, the fuel pump, being the central component, is often suspected to be the source of the problem. While the fuel pump indeed can fail, there are also other possibilities for a decreased efficiency from the fuel system. In this page, we have explained some of the common considerations to take while diagnosing your fuel system.

Fuel Filter Cap

One of the first components to check in the fuel system is the fuel filter cap. The fuel filter cap is what seals the fuel filter through its O-rings. When the cap goes bad, it can cause the fuel to leak out of the system, thereby providing a decreased amount of fuel to the engine.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank serves as a reservoir of fuel in the system. As the fuel flows from the tank to other parts of the system, a contamination in the tank itself can be detrimental to the other fuel parts. Contamination in the fuel tank will degrade the overall performance of the fuel mechanism.

Supply and Return Lines

Over time, the fuel supply and return lines can get clogged by debris. The lines can also develop cracks or breaks. Clogged supply and return lines need to be cleaned of debris on a regular basis, or replaced if they are broken.

Fuel Pressure Regulator

The fuel pressure regulator monitors the pressure at which the fuel is delivered to the engine. If the regulator goes bad, there may be either a drop or increase in pressure, which either way is going to affect the engine's performance.

Fuel System Wiring

The fuel system wires may become loose or can melt due to the heat in the system. In other cases, the wiring connectors can go bad. However, in comparison to the other parts, they can easily be identified and fixed.

Fuel Pump Strainer

The fuel pump strainer is the first line of defense for the fuel pump. If it is clogged or torn, it will allow impure fuel to flow through the system. This will lead to a premature failure of other fuel system components.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter separates debris and other particles from the fuel. When the fuel filter is damaged, it will allow these particles to flow into the fuel pump and other components. Extraneous substances in the fuel will play spoilsport in the entire fuel mechanism.

Fuel Injector

The fuel injector is what sprays the required amount fuel into the engine cylinder. A faulty injector can make the car run rough and sometimes be misdiagnosed as a fuel pump issue. Be sure to follow the correct diagnostic steps. To learn about the symptoms of bad injectors, please click here.

Consider the aforementioned factors and make sure that the issue has been narrowed down to the correct cause of failure. This will save you time and money. Giving all fuel system components a thorough check while replacing any single fuel component can also prevent you from spending too much in future.

To find articles on fuel pump repair and maintenance, please go to this section: REPAIR FUEL PUMP.

Buying Fuel System Parts

If you are here looking for a fuel system component, has got all of them in stock. We sell a wide range of fuel system parts such as filters, filter kits, rails, supply pumps and sending units. We also stock a wide range of other auto parts for every make and model. All our parts are available at unbeatable prices. In addition, we occasionally provide discounts on auto parts. If you need any clarification while purchasing auto parts, or need any technical assistance, please feel free to contact us on our toll-free number or send us an e-mail.

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