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What is Air Suspension?

air suspension system

What is air suspension?


As a starting point, it is important to discuss what is air suspension and how does it differ from traditional suspension systems? The main difference between a traditional shock or strut is that they have a dampening mechanism set to a certain ride control feel while an air suspension system uses an air compressor in combination with air struts and suspension air bags to control the feel of the ride.

Air suspension has several advantages over traditional shocks and struts. The first is that the ride quality is often controlled by the driver of the vehicle. Therefore, if you want a softer ride you can set your air suspension system to deliver that and vice versa if you are looking for a stiffer, rougher ride. The second advantage is that you can control ride height, some systems are advanced in that they automatically control this for you. The final advantage of an air suspension system is weight management. If you load the back of your SUV with a large amount of groceries from the store, the air suspension system either automotically adjusts to handle it or you can manually adjust it. For traditional shocks and struts the level of rebound is set and therefore no matter what the weight of your load is, you have to stick with it. This often creates a sagging rear end when carrying a heavy load. Air Springs


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While an air suspension system is more complex, the advantages are clear. The system is comprised of a central air suspension comrpessor as well as air struts within an air bag at each wheel. The air compressor presssurizes the air struts as needed to control the feel. Other components can be seen in the diagram above, all of which are mainly air lines to transfer pressure and driers (filter) to complete the system.

What are some common problems with Air Suspension?


The most common problem with air suspension parts are air leaks. Since an air suspension system uses air throughout the system to maintain the ride height and ride quality, if there is a leak in the air spring or air suspension compressor then your vehicle will sag. Common symptoms of an air leak include excessive wheel play and excessive swaying of the vehicle of the body.

If you are experiencing this problem we recommend seeing a professional for an evaluation of your air suspension system.

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