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Repair Mass Air Flow Sensor



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Mass Air Flow Sensor Probe    


Mass Air Flow Sensor    


A mass air flow (MAF) sensor is used to find out the amount of air entering a fuel-injected internal combustion engine. This information is sent to the engine control unit (ECU) to adjust and send the correct ratio of air and fuel to attain optimal efficiency. In automotive applications, the density of the air varies with the ambient temperature, altitude and use of forced induction and this is a key factor for the working of the sensor. There are two common kinds of mass airflow sensors: vane meter and the hot wire. These sensors do not measure the mass of the air directly. However, when coupled with a sensor or two, the rate of the air mass flow can be determined precisely.


The MAF sensor will become accumulated with debris, over time, which will prevent it from working properly. The sensor should be cleaned periodically as suggested by the manufacturer. Any problem with the engine will cause the Check Engine light to glow. The mass air flow sensor, being an engine-related component, will also illuminate the Check Engine light when it wears down. Other symptoms of a malfunctioning MAF sensor include low gas mileage, stalling, rough idling, pinging and poor engine performance.


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