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An Ergonomic Car Seat?

Faurecia, a french auto supplier, has developed a concept for an ergonomic seat to replace your current car seat and make your drives much more comfortable.

Yes, please.

In a world where all of us are sitting way too much, we need to make that experience much more comfortable. 86% of Americans sit all day at work and 67% of Americans HATE sitting. Those two numbers alone will lead to a lot of very unhappy people. Driving is one of those things that you cannot do standing, you HAVE to sit. What Faurecia is doing here is simply jumping on the ergonomic chair trend (Find out which car trends need to end) and applying it to a product that will act as your car seat. So why not combat the sitting epidemic with technology that is meant to improve the quality of the way you sit, so that you are not complaining of back pain all day?

While stuck in traffic the other day (Find out how to save gas, the easy way), I wondered why no one had come up with this yet. It definitely would be a welcome addition to my car, as I spend way too much time commuting and driving around.  The Faurecia Urban Rhythm Seat (currently a concept) would have 4 main features that are meant to improve the quality of the way you sit, in your car.

1.Compliant Seatback: The plastic seatback would conform to the occupant’s spine and adjusts the lumbar support based on body size.

2.Inclined Seat Rails: Meant to keep the driving position the same for both short and tall drivers, this feature enables angled seat rails in order to keep driving position the same.

3.Anti-slouch Seat Pan: When our bottoms slide forward, we begin to slouch. This posture causes a lot of the discomfort and pain in our backs. This flexible seat pan acts like a hammock, keeping your bottom rearward and your back against the lumbar support.

4.Dynamic Headrest:  A safety feature that is meant to reduce whiplash in a collision.



So who would welcome a seat like this in their car? Please comment below with any insight.

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