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What is MPGe?

Greater environmental protection measures have led to a push for more fuel efficient vehicles. Along with the development of catalytic converters, air fuel ratio sensors, and O2 sensors for standard gasoline engines, automakers have looked for alternative ways to fuel our transportation needs. Most popular today are gasoline-electric hybrids, but more recently, fully electric vehicles…
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How to Choose the Right Vehicle for You

Buying a new vehicle is very exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many options for car buyers today that the whirlwind of makes, models, trims, and options(like advanced turbos and superchargers) can be dizzying. Fortunately, taking a few things into consideration can help narrow your choices and help you make the…
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What To Do If You’re Involved In A Minor Car Accident

Any car accident can be very distressing - buying a brand new front wheel hub and then having it destroyed is never fun. However, if you are prepared it can help make a stressful situation more manageable. This guide is for cases in which there are no injuries to either party in the accident. If…
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How To Get Warranty Work Done at the Dealership

A great way to ruin your day is to have your diesel engine parts or diesel injection pump go out on you. It's even worse when the parts aren't warrantied; or worse still, when the parts ARE warrantied by the manufacturer but your local dealership doesn't want to warranty the parts for you. It's sometimes…
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Rear-Facing Cameras Might Be Required by 2014

Last week we covered why it might be a good idea to install a dash cam into your vehicle. So many vehicles now come with a Car Navigation System and Center Module Screen stock, that adding a few cameras in the front and the rear can be easy and provide you with a range of…
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The Importance of Having a Dash Cam

Have you ever thought about getting a dash camera? Most people are more concerned with whether their Oxygen Sensors are functioning properly, and that dash cams are just for police vehicles. The driver pointing out his dash cam. You might want to think again - there are several advantages to having a dash cam, first…
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What Documents Are Important to Keep for my Vehicle?

There are several documents you are required to keep with you when you drive in the United States. It is easy to forget about necessary paperwork when driving – most of us are only concerned whether our CD Player and navigation units are functioning to make sure we are entertained and comfortable. However not having…
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Why Should I Lower My Tire Pressure?

So, you’re cruising down the white sand beaches of Mexico in your truck with a Diesel Turbocharger, and all your buddies are flying by. What’s going on? How come they seem to be floating on the sand while you’re struggling? They have exactly the same vehicle as you, right down to the exact same Diesel…
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10 Things to NOT Put Off

With more and more used cars on the road today it is especially important to keep up with regular car maintenance. At some point down the road parts like the AC compressor or a fuel injector may unfortunately go bad, but there are certain things that every driver should keep an eye on to avoid…
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The Function of a Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor

You may have never asked yourself what is a tire pressure monitor sensor. These sensors do exactly what you’d expect; they monitor the pressure within your tires. However, because these sensors are battery powered, over time they will fail and you will need to replace or know how to repair tire pressure monitor sensors. Don’t…
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