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Summer Time Car Maintenance

When it comes to cars and hot weather, most times people only worry about their ac compressors or ac condensers. This is understandable because these parts allow you to drive without the vehicle feeling like a sauna. Yes, these parts are important but there are many other car components you need to check on when the thermostat starts climbing up towards 90 degrees. Car engines are designed to run at 200 degrees Fahrenheit but anything over that can cause major problems.

Before you go on a road trip in the sweltering heat you must check your tires. Some people believe that tires are the most important part of the vehicle, because they are the only parts that actually touch the road. Tire pressures change with rising temperatures. You lose 1 to 2 pounds per square inch with every 10 degree increase. Make sure you check the tires for worn out or weak spots. You don’t want to be on an Arizona highway and have your tire blow because it can’t handle the heat.

The toughest time for your car is when you are sitting at a dead stop in the heat. Your car can easily overheat because no air is flowing over the engine. You need to check to make sure your coolant system is working properly to avoid overheating when idling. Double check all your coolant levels and fan belts. Remember, all engine fluids break down much faster in hot weather.

Another part in your vehicle that gets overlooked during the summer is your car battery. Yes, the cold winter kills your car battery, but fact is hot weather does even more damage. Scorching weather can act as a catalyst and cause the chemical reaction in your battery to speed up and overcharge. This shortens your batteries life. Make sure there are no leaks, and keep your battery clean by detaching the cables and wiping off the terminals.


Yes, hot weather does damage to your car, but you can combat severe damage by doing these simple inspections. Have fun on those long summer road trips, but stay safe.

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