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Proper Driving Techniques

Every day there are more and more people on the road driving, each person with increasing distractions in their car. Every one of us out on the roads is testing the parts of our cars every day from the power steering rack to the navigation unit. There are many rules on the road that are just common sense that seem to have fallen by the waste side. Simple and easy driving rules that 15 year olds learn and follow in driver’s education.

Driving is not as safe of an activity as some of us feel, a car is a 3000 pound hunk of metal and glass, at 70 mph it can do some serious damage. With a cell phone in one hand, electric razor in the other and a coffee in between our legs is really not the best idea. Not only is distracted driving not a good idea it is illegal too. Would it really be so tuff to wake up 5 minutes earlier to get a shave or to buy a hands-free head set to talk while you drive. Nowadays most cars can hook a cell phone into the stereo so you can chat away like the person is in the car with you. The bottom line is while your car may be safer than a tank it’s the car that you hit which will suffer. Consider what will happen to the drive of a car that you don’t see before you jump on the phone.

Now that we have covered distracted driving how bout some basic rules that people don’t seem to follow any more. First there are these flashy lights on the corners of your car and years ago they were used to tell other drivers what direction you intended to go. Amazing inventions that seems to be completely ignored nowadays…yes I am talking about turn signals, use them! Checking your mirrors before changing lanes is another practice that seems to have vanished. Not all of us drive huge SUVs some of us are low to the road and you won’t see us if you don’t look. Highway driving is some of the most dangerous that can be done, not because of curvy roads but the speed and sheer number of cars make for one hectic environment. On the highway the biggest threat on the highway is panic braking, people tend to use the brakes too much on the highway. Highways flow like water so the ripple effect that is cause by braking can cause a traffic jam later down the road. To wrap it all up what can be said, if we all just think a little more about what we do behind the wheel we can have safe roads all over the world. .

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