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We’re in the San Diego Business Journal — AGAIN! made headlines again! This morning, Mike Allen of the San Diego Business Journal released the article, Delivers on Customer Service, underlining our company’s business strategy and why we’ve been successful thus far.

So what were the main points in the article? Here is the shortened version of the topics the SDBJ highlighted, in case you’re not a subscriber:


 Some of our early success was shifting our strategy from business-to-business to more emphasis on a consumer-centric focus.
 Rather than competing against larger brick-and-mortar automotive parts retailers for common parts, we focused on carrying product lines that keep critical automotive systems running: steering, fuel delivery, turbochargers, suspension and air conditioning, and more.
 We invest in well-trained American Phone Representatives that have the thorough automotive knowledge to help guide you through your parts purchase
 The “Do It for Me Trend”: Rather than purchasing parts from a local mechanic at an exorbitantly high mark-up, our customers can find much more affordable parts at and have their mechanic install it.

We’re absolutely very proud of our staff and the success our company has seen as a whole.  The future looks bright, and we plan to keep making it easy to buy auto parts


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