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What is a Rack and Pinion?


What is a rack and pinion? Power Steering Rack Diagram

The Rack and Pinion is the assembly in a vehicle that rotates the wheels from
side to side when the driver turns the steering wheel. This set up is usually
found in lighter vehicles and will be replaced by a steering gear box in heavier
applications. This is due to the gearbox's ability to handle the increased
stress due to the weight. The rack and pinion consists of a main body which
houses the rack piston, a notched rod which moved left and right when pushed by
the power steering fluid. The rack is controlled by the input shaft or steering column which
transfers the driver's input from the steering wheel the rack assembly. A
replacement rack will generally be sold with the inner tie rods and boots
already attached.

What is a rack and pinion? Rack and Pinion Diagram

A rack and pinion may be blamed for many steering issues but many times it is
not the culprit. When a vehicle is hard to turn in one
direction or if it is leaking it may be the rack at fault. Many times the blame
for all around tight steering is put on the rack when most likely the
steering pump is failing. Leaks are also mis-diagnosed often since the rack is at the
bottom of the car any leak will run down to the rack. Before replacing a rack be
sure to have a licensed mechanic inspect the vehicle. Knowing the true source of
a leak or failure is key to avoid unnecessary auto repairs.

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