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How to Repair Steering


The steering repair "How To" section of our site is here to help when you need that little bit of extra knowledge to get your project up and running.From the list below select the video or article that is related to info for the product line desired.


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  Gearbox Introduction
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  Power Steering Fluid Recommendations
  Power Steering Pump Types
  Steering System Bleeding Procedure
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  Two Reasons Why Steering Racks Fail
  What is a Rack and Pinion
  Power Steering Fluid Leak
  How To Check Your Power Steering Fluid


The steering system in an automobile is what converts the rotation of the steering wheel to the turning of the wheels in the appropriate direction. The two common kinds of steering include: rack and pinion, and recirculating-ball steering. The rack and pinion steering mainly employs a rack and a pinion gear that turns the automobile's wheels in response to the movement of the steering wheels. The recirculating-ball steering system includes a worm gear, Pitman arm and other rods that work together to move the vehicle's wheels. Modern automobiles use power steering in which a power assist is provided by the power steering fluid.


The power steering pump compresses the hydraulic fluid and the high pressure in the fluid aids in steering the automobile. The pump is driven by a belt-pulley mechanism powered by the engine. Newer vehicles also use electric power steering systems that employ steering sensors to detect the position of the steering wheel and the rate at which it turns. The information from these sensors are transmitted to the vehicle's computer, which in turn moves the steering shaft, accordingly.


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