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What Is My Vehicle’s Production Date?

Sometimes an automaker will make a revision to a part mid-way through a model year, and you will need to check the production date of your exact vehicle to see if it was built before or after that switch happens. The production date is the exact date your vehicle rolled off the assembly line, and it may correspond with the model year on your window sticker and registration, but not always; they frequently start production a little earlier to make sure inventory is available on dealer lots, so they don’t have to discount last year’s model that didn’t get delivered until January.

You can locate your production date on a vehicle information label on the driver’s door jam. This label is unique to your exact vehicle, and has the VIN printed as well, as well as other pertinent information like tire pressure specs or your vehicle’s weight rating.


VIN Split

Just like a production date split, a VIN split occurs when a change is made partway through a model year. The difference is that the automaker uses the VIN as a defining line, rather than production date; an example would be if our website says “From VIN 345678” and your VIN ends in 456789, it fits. If your VIN ends in 234567, it does not fit. The last 7 digits of your VIN act as a serial number, so the earliest production model would end with VIN 000001.

Your vehicle’s VIN is located on the same label as the production date. It can also be found on the dash (visible through the windshield), or under the carpet in front of the front right/passenger seat.

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