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5 MORE Common Car Myths Busted

Everyone has heard some sort of car myth, from somebody who swears by its validity. But this advice is usually given to you by some kooky aunt or overbearing neighbor, and you’re never really sure what to trust is actually true. A car is a pretty big investment, and you want to try to keep it running for as long as possible right? Well, here are five common car myths have we’ve debunked, just for you. Trust us, we’re car experts.



Coasting Downhill In Neutral Will Save Gas

Coasting in neutral will not save you any more of your precious gasoline than if you just coast in drive. The engine is still idling, consuming just as much gas as when it’s in idle in at a stoplight. Not only is this myth not true, this is also extremely unsafe. Your car will not have the quick handling necessary to avoid unexpected hazards when it is in the neutral position. So don’t put yourself in any unnecessary danger.



Buying an Expensive New European Car Means Nothing Will Go Wrong With It.

Working at an auto parts company, I know for a FACT this is a complete fallacy. During my experience here, I’ve discovered that it is in fact these “expensive European cars” that tend to break down the most, AND will have the most costly repairs. Every car will have its breaking point, and will always need regular maintenance. Just one word of advice from someone who has experience talking to people about car parts all day: Don’t ever buy a Mercedes or BMW, unless you’re planning on getting rid of it before you hit 80,000 miles. Parts are crazy expensive and mechanics will charge you more for labor because, well, they can.



You Can Wash Your Car with Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing detergent has chemicals that are meant to remove everything from a surface. That means if you use it on your car, the soap can and WILL strip the car’s wax finish and accelerate the oxidation process on your paint. So unless you want your car to look like it has contracted skin cancer, it is best practice to find a properly formulated car wash liquid.


Hiding Behind a Car Will Protect You From Gunfire

Oh, Hollywood. Media has created so many car myths that people genuinely believe, it’s ridiculous. This is just another one of them: if for any reason you find yourself amidst gunfire, cars will not protect you from being shot. This isn’t the movies, and bullets do have the ability to go through cars. Sure, cars are great for concealment, but not much else.


Using Your Phone At The Gas Station Will Cause an Epic Bond-Worthy Explosion

I was once told by my friend in high school that if you use your cell phone at the gas station, the wireless signals would ignite the fuel vapors and trigger an apocalyptic explosion that will leave you and your car engulfed in flames. The Federal Communications Commission has investigated said rumors and has concluded that there are no documented incidents of this ever happening, and there is no scientific evidence that links wireless phone signals and fuel vapors to spontaneous combustion. Well, there you have it. There’s no fiery death, so text away.

But in the case your car does catches fire, (it does happen, but not because of cell phones) this is a great read: What To Do If Your Car Catches Fire

Here are a couple more car myths we have exposed before: 5 Common Car Myths Exposed. Got anymore? Comment below!

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