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5 Common Car Myths Exposed

June 18, 2013 - There are many different car myths that we’ve grown familiar with over time.  Though many of these standards have been drilled into our heads and even recommended to be followed by car manufacturers, many of them are simply car myths, not facts!

Though, following the advice that comes your way regarding car care, maintenance, and operation won’t hurt you or your vehicle, knowing which tips are simply car myths can save money and keep your car running longer.  Here are 5 common car myths exposed.

Your Car Needs an Oil Change After Every 3,000 Miles

This car myth is very common, and advised by many auto mechanics and quick lube shops.  The truth is that some cars are designed to be able to go up to 15,000 miles before needing an oil change.  The average time interval actually required is usually around 7,500 miles with most vehicles.  Check your vehicle’s manual for the specific requirements for your car, as dispelling this common car myth can save lots of money in frequent oil changes.

Premium Gasoline Makes Your Car Run Better and Increase Gas Mileage

Unless your car’s manual specifically requires that you use premium gas, save money at the gas pump and go for regular.  Premium gas provides a higher octane, however it will not improve the performance or gas mileage experienced in your car.  Using regular 87 octane works fine, as well as saves money on fuel expenses.

You Must Let Your Car Warm Up For a Few Minutes During Cold Weather

This common car myth is one that’s considered a general rule when it’s cold outside.  Letting the car warm up during cold weather is more recommended for older cars and isn’t necessary in newer model vehicles.

SUVs are Safer Than Standard Sized Cars

SUVs are the leading choice amongst families, and are looked upon as being safer than standard sized cars due to their size and security features.  This is a common car myth because the increased weight, gravitational load, and harder handling make SUVs less safe if not operated properly.

If You Have a Red Car, Your Insurance Will Be Higher

The notion that red cars carry a higher insurance rate is a common car myth.  It mainly comes from the fact that many sports cars and luxury cars - which do incur a higher insurance rate - come in red.  The color isn’t actually factored in when insurance companies calculate rates,

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