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Does My Steering Rack Need a Solenoid?

Some hydraulic power steering racks will have an electronic component, such as BMW’s Servotronic or GM’s Magnasteer. We will either offer replacements that include a tested and verified-to-work electronic solenoid already attached, or one that does not, for a lower repair cost. If you order a steering rack without the solenoid, you’ll just need to remember to swap it over from your original steering rack before installation. Pay attention to the part number; if it ends with WS (with sensor/solenoid), the electronic component is included, and if it ends with NS (no sensor/solenoid), it does not.

The most important part to know here is that we will ONLY provide an NS or WS option for vehicles that require that sensor or solenoid, no matter what. If you have a lesser-equipped vehicle without any electronics on your original steering rack, that does NOT mean the NS is for your car; your steering rack would use a different part number altogether.

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