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Five Ways You’re Ruining Your Suspension

It’s very unlikely that you’d overlook a faulty AC or a broken window, however damage to your suspension, one of the most important parts of your car, might go untended—especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for! If your steering wheel shakes at high speeds or you notice a significant dip when breaking, it might be time to have your suspension checked.

How you drive has a great impact on the health of your car, in particular functions that are used regularly such as your suspension.  We’ve gathered a list of driving habits that are certain to put your ride through the ringer. Reining in your less than desirable driving habits will keep your car’s suspension on the level … pun intended!

1. You’re a Chronic Brake Slammer

We’ve all had to slam on the brakes from time to time, however if you make it a habit of braking hard instead of keeping a safe distance from the car ahead—you’re certain to damage your suspension.

2. You’re Blind to Speed Bumps

Frequently hitting the speed bumps too hard is tantamount to frequently red-lining your engine. In other words, while your suspension was designed to absorb shock from speed bumps, going over them too fast puts unneeded stress on your suspension. Over time this wears down the components of your suspension faster than regular driving.

3. You Don’t Know When to Lay Off

That compact car of yours probably gets great gas mileage, but it wasn’t designed to help you move furniture! Every car has a weight limit and if you consistently overload your vehicle—your suspension won’t be better for it.

4. You’re a Stranger to Automotive Maintenance

Nobody likes wasting a day off at the mechanic, however it’s better to sacrifice a Saturday morning than the money it takes to fix a broken suspension. Don’t be stingy with the TLC, make sure you bring your vehicle in for regular checkups!

5. You’re Known to “Improvise” When Driving

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally going off-road or over a median to dodge traffic right? Wrong, not only is it probably illegal for you to jump that median, but most cars aren’t designed for extremely uneven surfaces. In a perfect world, every street would be perfectly even—however, unless you live near the Autobahn, no such road exists! Your car sees enough bumps and potholes during routine driving, putting unnecessary stress on your car is a surefire way to ruin your ride.

Are you guilty of these suspension slamming driving tactics? Well, nobody’s perfect! At least you have great options for replacing your suspension here at BuyAutoParts.com!

Written by Dara Greaney

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