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AC Compressor Switch Swap Video

The AC compressor switches are each located on the high pressure and low pressure sides of the AC compressor. They act as protective components to the compressor. The high pressure switch is meant to shut the power off that is provided to the compressor, when the AC compressor pressure goes beyond a certain level. The low pressure switch turns the power off when there is no or low level of refrigerant. Both switches work together for the proper functioning of the AC compressor. The video below describes how to swap an AC compressor switch from an old compressor to a new compressor.

Video Transcript:


Hey guys, today we're going to take a look at SP Delphi series compressor. Here we have the OEM right over and here is its replica aftermarket, both are the same compressor. What you need to know is neither of them come with this little switch here. This will be located on your original compressor. So, when you're buying either an aftermarket or an OEM, what you need to do is, take this switch off your old compressor and install it on your new compressor here. Just take out this little snap clip and put in this switch right there or right there, on whichever one you have. And you're all good and you can install your new compressor.


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