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How to Install an Oxygen Sensor


The oxygen sensor in a vehicle helps in determining the amount of oxygen in the vehicle exhaust. This reading is sent to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which then regulates the amount of fuel and air sent to the engine, to attain the optimal air-fuel ratio. The oxygen sensor also helps reduce exhaust emissions. It is located in the exhaust manifold. The oxygen sensor has an impact on the efficiency and mileage of the vehicle. The procedure to install an oxygen sensor is explained below:


Terminated oxygen sensor connection instructions:


1) Oxygen sensor threads are typically pre-coated with a high temperature anti-seize grease. If they are not, a packet of grease is also included with the sensor to coat the threads.


2) Install the oxygen sensor into the exhaust manifold and torque it to 35ft/lbs.


3) On flanged applications, install the flange to the exhaust manifold first, then mount the sensor in the flange.


Note: A copper gasket is bonded to the flange and no additional gasket is required.


Cable ties:


A) Attach the correct cable tie to the correct position on the harness if using the original sensor.

B) Install the new O2 sensor on the vehicle.

C) Fix the cable tie into the appropriate mounting holes.


Mounting brackets:


A) Remove the oxygen sensor wiring harness assembly.

B) Install the new bracket on the oxygen sensor harness.

C) Use the original hardware to attach the bracket to the vehicle.


Connector clips:


A) The connector clips should be removed from the vehicle's O2 sensor.

B) Attach the connector clips to the O2 sensor.

C) Use the original hardware or supplier cable ties to attach the new O2 sensor to the vehicle.


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