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7 Ways to Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient to SaveYou Money

 Save Money on Gas

March 8, 2013 - Gas and petrol prices have been constantly increasing over the years. It seems that the rising cost of fuel is something we have to live with and get used to, for quite some time.

For many of us the amount we have to spend on gas is putting a strain on our budget. There are too many large global factors linked to the rising cost of gas that are out of our hands. But this problem won’t be going away any time soon.

So what is the solution?

Be more fuel efficient when driving. Getting just a few extra miles per gallon (MPG) can make a big difference. Here are 7 tips that can help you save fuel and ultimately money, in the long run.

1. Just Start Driving

Unless you are in very cold conditions, you don’t need to leave the car idling for too long, “just in case”. Precious and valuable fuel is being burnt and you’re not going anywhere fast. This will depend on your car and the current conditions, but in the interest of fuel efficiency, you need to put your foot down sooner rather than later. You should only keep your car running in idle when it is absolutely necessary.

2. Don’t hit the breaks too much

Some drivers have the tendency of breaking more often than they really need to. Don’t be like those drivers. Constantly speeding up and then quickly slowing down again. Look at the situation and traffic in front of you and drive smartly to minimise the need for braking.

3. Know when to switch it off…

If the car will be stopping for a long time (more than 10 minutes) you should always turn off the car to maintain high fuel efficiency. Don’t burn any more gas than needed.

4. …And when to keep it on

However, if you are stopping the car for a brief time (a few minutes or less) then don’t turn off the engine. When you start the car it does burns gas, and that would be more than what would be burnt while staying idle for a just a moment.

5. Check the air filter

Keeping the air filter clean allows for the efficient flow of air into the engine. Overtime the filter will get clogged up and dirty. You should occasionally check the condition of the filter and depending on the type, clean it or replace it.

6. Check the tires

You shouldn’t only worry about the tires when they go flat. If the tire is not properly inflated, you will lose fuel efficiency. This will cost you in the long-term. Always check up on the tire pressure on a regular basis.

7. Get organized and plan ahead

Take a look at the errands you have to run and try to combine some of them into one multi-stop journey, instead of lots of smaller trips. Plan your drive ahead of time. Look for the route with the least stoplights and traffic.

Setting the Standard

Follow all the above advice, to increase your MPG and see some change (in the right direction) to your fuel costs.

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