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BMW 4-Series

December 6, 2012 - As if sorting through the kingdom of cars was not already difficult enough, BMW has added to the taxonomy troubles with the unveiling of the new 4-series. What is a 4-series? Well, after extensive research the best answer I could find is that it is a “bolder” 3-series. Before the 4-series, things at BMW seemed at least slightly logical. The general rule of thumb was that the higher the number, the larger the engine. However the 4-series seems to be mechanically identical to the 3-series, just with more “aggressive styling.”

The big question on everyone’s mind is whether or not this new car merits a separate series?

Basically, BMW has cut the coupe out of the 3-series lineup, pasted it into a separate column and made some aesthetic modifications. If anything, BMW has managed to stir up a lot of media attention with the new addition—here I am writing about it myself. Critics are expressing their concern that the BMW 4-series will only confuse consumers. I’m here to say that I agree. As consumers it is not our fault if we can no longer keep the classification of cars straight in our heads. If you were to make a list of all Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW models it would quickly begin to look like some kind of horrible calculus problem: RX400h 328i/SLK 55 AMG…. Solve for x. Good luck with that imaginary number.

Look, I’m not arguing that the BMW 4-series isn’t beautiful. I mean just take a look—if aggressive is what BMW was going for, I would have to say they nailed it. Dual colored 20-inch alloy wheels, with chrome trim on the side windows, and a nice set of well-defined shoulders make this one of the most appealing BMW sedans to hit the road yet.

You can call it cunning or you can just call it confusing, but either way the even numbered BMWs are here to stay.

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