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Creative Things To Do With Old Car Parts

April 25, 2013 - A car is the final product of a complicated configuration of many bits and pieces. When the car is in working order, these parts form a cohesive unit as they collectively work together to provide transportation. However, like most manufactured products, cars breakdown. Although well maintained cars can function for many decades with regular maintenance and the repairs, sometimes a car is simply too far gone, and must be relieved of its duties as a transportation vehicle.

When this time comes, there are alternatives to scrapping the car and sending it to the junkyard. Many neat art projects and innovative uses can be produced from recycled car parts. You can check out our Pinterest Board which hosts a bunch of photos of crazy recycled auto part art projects.  On the Pinterest board you will see how people have created works of art such as statues, 3-D landscapes, and what appear to be large car monsters.

Various forms of furniture can even be made using the seats, or modifying trunks, doors and interior fabrics. Jewellery and clothing can even be fashioned out of car parts. Seat belts can be altered to function as belts for pants, and bracelets can be stitched together with upholstery from the car's interior, even with the use of pieces from the dashboard sewn or looped in.

Finally, car parts can serve as items for use in sports drills and practice. Radial tires can take form of hoops through which baseballs or football can be thrown. The tires can also be used as pylons for football and hockey drills. Some of us know how easily tires slide on ice, and a moving tire can be great practice to skate around.

When it comes to using recycled car parts the possibilities are truly endless.

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