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Symptoms of Bad Ignition Coils
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Ignition Process    

The ignition coil uses the battery voltage and multiplies it to induce a spark in the spark plug, which in turn, ignites the air-fuel mixture in the engine's combustion chamber. It works on the principle of a step-up transformer. The ignition coil includes two coils inside it: the primary windings and the secondary windings. The secondary coil has a larger number of windings than the primary coil. This is the key to the multiplication of the voltage. The alternating current from the battery flows through the primary windings, which creates an alternating magnetic field. This magnetic field generates a corresponding voltage in the secondary coil, which amplifies the voltage supplied to the primary coil. This voltage is used to ignite the spark plugs via the distributor. The typical voltage produced by the ignition coil ranges from 20,000 volts for mainstream vehicles to about 85,000 volts for racing automobiles.

Ignition coils can be checked for cracks and loose wires, whenever possible, as a precautionary measure. A faulty ignition coil will not provide the necessary voltage to the spark plugs, resulting in a sluggish engine performance. In extreme conditions, the ignition coil may prevent the engine from running, causing a no-start condition. In such situations, repeated attempts to start the engine will damage the spark plugs, as well. Common symptoms of a bad ignition coil include engine misfire, illumination of the Check Engine light in your vehicle's dashboard and rough running of the engine. Any problem with an ignition coil is ultimately going to affect the engine efficiency. Hence, a faulty coil should be inspected and replaced at the earliest.

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