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How to Uninstall AC Drier and Expansion Device Video


Video Transcript:

Next, we're gonna remove the accumulator and the expansion device which in this case happens to be an orifice tube, located right here. So, we're gonna start with taking off the plug wire to the switch, cycling switch. I'm removing the cycling switch. This will go on the new accumulator.

This one is a backup wrench for removing any of the lines. Once again, you wanna be careful that you don't get debris inside of the hoses. Now, we're gonna remove the orifice tube. First, you must take off the safety clip, retaining clip. With the help of this tool, we have to remove the Ford spring lock.

Here is a pair of pliers or they make a special tool to remove the orifice tube. Inspect the orifice tube for any excessive metal shavings or the system might need to be flushed. Orifice tubes are color-coded with different size orifices inside. This is the device used to release the spring in the Ford spring leaf fittings. This is the removal of the accumulator with the brackets attached.

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