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How Much Does a Steering Rack Cost?

Your steering rack is an essential part of the steering system in your car. A car with a faulty or failing steering rack is not safe to drive. Steering is something you do not want to put off fixing.  Being able to steer your car properly is one of the most important aspects of driving. If you think there is any issue with your steering rack you need to have your car tested by a certified mechanic as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more it is going to cost you to buy and replace a steering rack.


How Much Does a Steering Rack Cost?

Steering Rack Labor and Part Costs

On average, the price for a new steering rack ranges approximately from $100-500, depending on the year, make and model of your car. If you are on a budget, consider getting a remanufactured steering rack. There are a lot of auto parts that you should avoid if they’re remanufactured, such as AC compressors, but remanufactured steering racks have a great track record. If you want to lower the cost of a steering rack look into a remanufactured steering rack.

The table we have created below shows the part cost of a power steering rack for five different models. As you can see the steering rack cost varies quite a bit from list price to our prices here at List price is similar to the MSRP pricing you deal with for other products, while this is the price the manufacturer recommends, it is many times found far cheaper than the list price. Typically dealerships and auto repair shops price their steering racks closest to the list price, but if you know you need a steering rack you can simply purchase the part online and save yourself hundreds and sometimes thousands on your steering rack replacement cost.

VehicleDealership Repair CostDIY With BAP
Year, Make & ModelList PriceLabor Cost ($130/HR)Total CostOur PriceSavings
VehicleOEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) NumberList PriceOur PriceLabor Time (hrs)Independent Shops Estimate National Avg Labor Cost ($100/HR)Dealerships Estimate National Avg Labor Cost ($130/HR)
2008 Mercedes Benz R3501644600125$3,170.00$715.005$650.00 (5hrs)$3820.00$715.00$3105.00
2007 GMC Acadia20843950$713.91$232.917.7$1,001.00 (7.7hrs)$1714.91$232.91$1482.00
2007 Mercedes Benz ML3501644600225$3,170.00$849.915.5$715.00 (5.5hrs)$3885.00$849.91$3035.09
2007 Lexus RX3504425048070$1,119.24$355.913.6$468.00 (3.6hrs)$1587.24$355.91$1231.33
2005 Toyota Tundra44250-0C041$736.04$375.002.3$299.00 (2.3hrs)$1035.04$375.00$660.04



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Estimating Labor In Steering Rack Replacement Cost

The labor time for replacing a steering rack varies widely dependent on your vehicle. However, the average labor costs range from $350 to $450 dollars. Labor factors into steering rack replacement costs greatly and can only be truly estimated based on your mechanics hourly rate. You should go to your local mechanic, for an accurate estimate based on the specific condition of your car.


The labor table we have included below has the official labor time estimate for removing and replacing a steering rack for 18 different 2007 vehicles. We created this table to give you an idea of how labor times range for different vehicles. For some vehicles, the steering rack is more easily accessible than for other vehicles. For those vehicles where the steering rack is easily accessible, the labor time is not as high and for vehicles that have a steering rack that is not easily accessible the labor time goes up as the mechanic has more parts to move out of the way before they can access the steering rack to remove and replace it. Please note that a four wheel alignment is recommended with the replacement of your steering rack, the labor times below do not account for this alignment or the diagnosis of the failing steering rack.

Vehicle ClassificationModel 1Model 2Model 3
Hatchbacks2007 Ford Focus ~ 4.4 labor hrs2007 Honda Fit ~ 5.2 labor hrs2007 VW Rabbit ~ 3.8 labor hrs
Sedans2007 VW Passat ~ 3.8 labor hrs2007 Honda Accord ~ 3.6 labor hrs2007 BMW 328 ~ 3.1 - 6.1 labor hrs
Wagons2007 VW Jetta Wagon ~ 3.8 labor hrs2007 Subaru Outback ~ 2.8 - 3.2 labor hrs2007 Audi A6 ~ 5.8 labor hrs
Sport Cars2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata ~ 2.7 labor hrs2007 Audi S4 ~ 8.5 labor hrs2007 Chevrolet Corvette ~ 5.0 - 5.3 labor hrs
SUVs/Crossovers2007 Honda CRV ~ 4.5 labor hrs2007 Hyundai Santa Fe ~ 4.3 - 4.6 labor hrs2007 BMW X5 ~ 2.5 labor hrs
Pickup Trucks2007 Nissan Frontier Pickup ~ 3.0 - 4.3 labor hrs2007 Dodge Ram 1500 ~ 2.2 labor hrs2007 Ford F-150 ~ 2.5 labor hrs
Range = 2.8 labor hrs to 8.5 labor hrs

How to Save Money on a Steering Rack?

Here is a great tip to follow when shopping for car parts. Ask the mechanic for an estimate of the repair costs and get the exact manufacturer part number for the steering rack. Thank them for the estimate, but don’t immediately make the purchase. Go home and check for the part numbers online, and you will find much cheaper prices. In most cases you will find significant savings. After you receive the parts you ordered online, take them to the mechanic to complete the job. All you have to pay them for is labor.

Find Your Steering Rack

To find the correct steering rack that is guaranteed to fit your car at an unbeatable price, use the Year, Make, and Model search at the top left of this page.  If you find the steering rack for less somewhere else, give one of our US based steering rack specialists a call and we will match that price. 1-888-907-7225. All of our steering racks come with Free Shipping and an industry leading warranty.

More Vehicle Specific Estimates & Costs

The power steering rack helps steer your vehicle in the right direction with minimal effort on the steering wheel. The steering rack can deteriorate due to various factors such as improper maintenance or aging. A faulty steering rack can leak steering fluid, causing the steering experience to be harder than usual. A lot of other things in your vehicle's performance can deviate due to a damaged steering rack. Common symptoms exhibited by a damaged power steering rack include wandering of the vehicle, a shaky steering wheel and a thudding, clunking, or knocking noise from your car. If the fault with the steering rack can only be rectified by replacing it, you will then need to choose the right replacement steering rack for your automobile. While steering racks are usually priced to the moon, it becomes crucial for customers to find the right replacement store which provides high-quality replacement parts at reasonable prices. is one such source which delivers auto parts to customers at fair prices. Whether it is a sporty Jaguar, luxury Mercedes or a compact Toyota, you can find replacement power steering racks for them here. The list of price ranges of some of our best-selling power steering racks and the vehicle they fit into are listed below.

Compatible VehicleLinkType of Power Steering RackPrice RangeOEM Numbers
2006-2007 Mercedes Benz R320

2006-2007 Mercedes Benz R350

2006-2007 Mercedes Benz R500

2006-2007 Mercedes Benz R63 AMG

2006-2009 Mercedes Benz ML320

2006-2011 Mercedes Benz ML350

2006-2011 Mercedes Benz ML500

2007-2009 Mercedes Benz GL320

2007-2011 Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG

2007-2012 Mercedes Benz GL350

2007-2012 Mercedes Benz GL450

2007-2012 Mercedes Benz GL550

2008-2011 Mercedes Benz ML550

2008-2008 Mercedes Benz R320

2008-2008 Mercedes Benz R350

2008-2008 Mercedes Benz R500

2008-2008 Mercedes Benz R63 AMG

Replacement Steering Rack: (Part Number: 80-01323)BAP New$677.25 - $612.75164 460 01 25,

164 460 05 00,









Re-manufactured$834.75 - $755.25
2008-2014 Buick Enclave

2009-2014 Chevrolet Traverse

2007-2014 GMC Acadia

2007-2010 Saturn Outlook

Replacement Steering Rack: (Part Number: 80-01419)Supplied With Solenoid$262.50 - $237.5019320547,









Supplied Without Solenoid$225.75 - $204.25
OEM New$551.25 - $498.75
1995-1998 Porsche 911Replacement Steering Rack: (Part Number: 80-00438)Short - Without Inner Tie Rod Ends$729.75 - $660.2599334701100
2004-2009 Lexus RX300

2001-2007 Toyota Highlander

Replacement Steering Rack: (Part Number: 80-00960)Re-manufactured$309.75 - $280.2544200 48090,

44200 48090X,





44250 0E011,

44250 0E012,

44250 48120,


BAP New$393.75 - $356.25
Re-manufactured Power Steering Rack and Outer Tie Rod Kit$420.00 - $380.00
2006-2007 Mercedes Benz ML500

2006-2011 Mercedes Benz ML350

2007-2009 Mercedes Benz GL320

2007-2009 Mercedes Benz ML320

2007-2011 Mercedes Benz GL450

2007-2011 Mercedes Benz GL550

2007-2011 Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG

2008-2011 Mercedes Benz ML550

2010-2011 Mercedes Benz GL350

Replacement Steering Rack: (Part Number: 80-01270)Supplied Without Solenoid$813.75 - $736.251644600225,










Supplied With Solenoid$918.75 - $831.25
Re-manufactured Power Steering Rack and Outer Tie Rod Kit$929.25 - $840.75

The approximate replacement costs for some vehicles are listed below. We hope this will help you get an idea of how much you will have to invest to restore your steering performance.


VehicleApproximate Replacement Costs
2014 Buick Enclave$644 - $1096
2008 Lexus RX350$1182 - $1908
2001 Toyota Highlander$1186 - $1881
2010 Saturn Outlook 2WD$722 - $1065
2009 Saturn Outlook 4WD$781 - $1140
2009 Chevrolet Traverse$644 - $1096


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