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Record Your Install – Receive Store Credit and/or Discounts!

January 16, 2013 - Are you an owner or an operator of a shop? Are you are a weekend do it yourselfer handy with a wrench and a hand-cam? If you answered yes to either of the previous questions than you have the opportunity to participate in our Record Your Install program.

All you have to do is record the installation of the part which you purchased from Buy Auto Parts, and you become eligible for store credit and/or discounts. We make it easy to buy auto parts, and if you send in a video, you are taking advantage of an easy way to save on your next auto part purchase. Also, if you are a shop, this is a great way to get some publicity online!

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Keep in mind, to be compensated with store credit and /or discounts we have to choose your video. We are looking for high quality videos with a lot of helpful step-by-step directions on how to install the part(s). Take this into account while filming the install.

After you have recorded your video send it to [email protected] If your video is over 20MB send an email with a detailed description of what your video entails.

We are looking forward to watching our skillful customers install our parts!

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