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Replacing a Catalytic Converter


In this How To video, J shows you how to change a catalytic converter. He goes over how to remove an old, failing catalytic converter, and install a brand new Magnaflow replacement catalytic converter on many vehicles. This specific job was done on a 2003 Honda CRV. Some of the processes seen here are specific to this exact vehicle application.

Tools Needed
- Jacks and Stands
- Socket Wrench
- Various Sockets (19mm, 17mm, 14mm)*
- New Catalytic Converter

*Sizes vary between vehicles

Transcript -


Hi everybody. It’s Jay, here with another edition of the “We Make it Easy Video Series” for BuyAutoParts. Today, we’re going to do a catalytic converter on a 2003 Honda CR-V. We’re going to use just basic set of metric tools today. Nothing fancy. It’s just a few nuts and bolts, O2 sensor. Should be an easy-off-easy-on kind of job. A little easier for us because we’re working with the lift, but shouldn’t be too difficult of a job for you to do at home. Let’s go ahead and get started and take a look.

First to get started, I’m going to use a special O2 sensor socket here. Anything that you can get in there that’s 22mm will work for you. These sometimes are a little bit sticky, so if you happen to use a bolt loosening agent of some sort, lubrication, if you get that soaked in there and get the bolt loosened up, that might help you out. But if you don’t live in too rusty an area, like here in California, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you at all.

You can go ahead and move that to the side so it’s out of our way. I’m going to remove the three bolts here on the back of the catalytic converter. Alright, moving up to the front of the cat here, we’re just going to take these two nuts off and we’ll have the old one out already. There you go. Old one out, we’ll grab the new one and pop it right in there. This particular cat comes with a new gasket when you purchase it new so we’re going to pull the old one off here. And pop that one on. And then we bid everything down and press that on and make a nice tight fit and won’t have any exhaust leaks. We’re going to tighten everything down. We’ll just tighten the three nuts and bolts here on the back. And we’re going to move on to the O2 sensor and be on our way.

Alright, there you have it. Just that easy. High-quality parts from Old one out, new one in. Just these two bolts on the front, the three bolts on the back, and O2 sensor and simple as that. So with the set of basic metric tools. Get up under on the car. Make sure it’s nice and safe when you’re working under the car and you should be all good.??


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