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Review: 2013 Honda Accord

March 4, 2013 - For the last couple of decades, Honda has been a dominating force in the North American car market with its two main staples, the Civic and the Accord. Essentially an upgraded version of the Honda Civic with more power, more space, and more luxury, the Honda Accord has been repeatedly copied year after year by companies such as Hyundai, Mazda, and Kia. Seemingly few car manufacturers other than Toyota have been able to keep up with Honda's innovations in sedans within the Accord class without forging attempted replicates of Honda's superior Accord. This year however, Honda has moved itself even further away from the pack with its completely redesigned 2013 Honda Accord.

It takes little more than a glance from a distance to ascertain that Honda has engineered the body of their new luxury sedan to appear aggressively sleek. The contours of the outer body of this vehicle demand attention, and cause onlookers to wonder what new Lexus or Mercedes Benz they are foveating. However, this isn't a Lexus, a Benz, or even an Acura. This new model is simply a new generation of Honda Accords designed to intrigue and inspire.

When one looks inside the car, their interest is sure to increase further. With a luxurious interior usually reserved for the likes of more expensive vehicles such as the ones noted above, the 2013 Honda Accord instills pleasure and comfort upon its inhabitants. Spacious as always, this new model also features new innovations such as back seats that can be heated the way that only front ones usually are, and an intuitive program of assistance comingled into one master system called HondaLink.

This system is visually implemented through a strategically located screen in the centre of the dashboard controls. Although this feature itself is not especially innovative to this year's model of the Honda Accord, the features which comprise the system do qualify as innovation. From music and other media, to the intelligent navigation program, everything that may aid the driver during driving is controlled through the master system and directed to the convenient display.

Perhaps most important is a new feature that is designed for convenience and ease of use, but ultimately results in a substantial increase in safety. This feature allows text messages and emails to be transcribed and heard audibly, negating the need for the driver to use a cell phone while operating the vehicle. By taking hands free communication technology to a new level, the 2013 Accord offers the driver the option of common pre-set phrases to be sent off to contacts linked to their cell phone.

Truly a revolutionary safety measure, this feature allows, for example, a businesswoman late for a meeting to send off a generic message informing the relevant parties that she will be arriving in ten minutes. Since there would be no need for a woman such as this to pick up her cell phone, she can keep her eyes on the road and fixate her attention on driving safely.

Another fantastic safety measure available to this year's Accord fleet is a system of cameras that now appear not only on the back of the vehicle to aid in reverse parking and such, but also side-view mirror mounted cameras to decrease blind spots and increase safety. If a weary driver loses focus and begins drifting over the line into the adjacent lane without indicating an intention to change lanes by use of a turn signal, the Accord will alert the driver so the mistake can be corrected before a potential accident ever has a chance to take place. The fully loaded Touring model comes equipped with all of these features, as well as a powerful 3.5L i-VTEC V6 engine.

For the 2013 range, the technology that Honda has used successfully in previous years has been improved upon so that under a wider array of conditions the vehicle can selectively employ only three of its six cylinders when all six are not required. This serves to further increase fuel efficiency, adding to the appeal of the 2013 Accord.

While all of these things are certainly enticing, the descriptions offered here still cannot describe the feeling one gets when they take the wheel of Honda's 2013 Accord. This sensation can only be achieved by getting in one of these beautiful automobiles and starting the engine with the push of a button, then succumbing to the power and luxury that instantly envelope any driver who enters the vehicle.

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