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The Benefits of a Small Car

Seeing someone whisk by in a small car may be amusing, we all remember how entertaining it was seeing Steve Urkel in that little BMW Isetta. People who own smaller cars may actually be getting benefits for choosing a smaller vehicle.  Many small cars are more economical, good on gas, and leave less of a carbon footprint on the world.  People who drive smaller cars can take advantages of many fuel cost and maintenance savings, and even tax incentives to drive a modern smaller car.

In addition to savings in gas and possible tax breaks, many smaller cars are more affordable than standard sized vehicles.  A smaller car could be a wonderful economical choice for the single person or couple that doesn’t haul too much around and don’t require the additional space.  A small vehicle would also be ideal for a person who likes to move in and out of traffic with ease and more freedom without feeling the pull of the extra weight of the car.

Small car owners also take pride in the fact that more modern small cars are energy efficient, some even running via electricity rather than gas.  These more environmentally safe vehicle options are helping auto owners to do their part for the greater good of the environment.

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