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The Difference Between Electric and Manual Window Regulators

Windows are an important means of ventilation for a vehicle. Their main purpose is to protect the car's interior from external factors like rain, dust and sunlight. Passengers in the car slide the windows up and down either by the press of a button or by rotating a handle manually. Either way, there is a mechanism behind the working of these windows. The window regulators which are located inside the door panel help raise or lower a vehicle's windows.

This page explains the two most common types of window regulators: the electric and manual windows, along with the basic mechanism of their working.

Electric or Manual Window Regulator    

Manual Window Regulators

Manual window regulators or “roll up” regulators use handles which are manually rotated to raise or lower the windows. Rotating the manual window regulator will cause the spur gears and the worm gear to spin, which will cause the plates inside to move. This movement either lowers or raises the window. Manual window regulators are widely found in older vehicles and have now been replaced by electric window regulators in modern automobiles.

Electric or Power Window Regulators

Electric window regulators are much easier and more convenient. By just pressing a button, the window will raise or lower to the desired height. A tiny motor is what allows this to happen by spinning the gears when an electric current is applied. Electric window regulators use a master switch which is usually located on the door panel or center console of the vehicle.

Causes of a Faulty Window Regulator

Window regulators are one of the common components that wear out quickly in an automobile. Over time, dust or moisture in the door panel can damage the regulators. This sometimes renders the windows inoperable. In case of electric window regulators, the component that is most susceptible to damage is the motor. In such cases, it is enough if the motor is replaced, without having to change the entire window assembly.

Note: There are two common designs of window regulators: scissor and cable. While looking to replace the window regulator, please make sure that you know what type of regulator is employed in your vehicle and choose the right replacement accordingly.


To maintain the proper functioning of the window regulator, it is necessary that it should be greased periodically. It is also essential to lubricate the track of the windows so that they provide a smooth motion. Windows that are improperly lubricated will impose more stress on the regulator, thereby shortening their life.

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