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Things To Always Keep In Your Car

We’ve all been in a bind where we ask ourselves, “Why don’t I have this in my car?!” Besides the obvious things, like jumper cables, jack or a spare tire, there are a lot of things we would just assume we don’t need until we’re stuck. Don’t put yourself in that situation, be prepared!  (Related blog: 17 Tips to Survive The Desert When Your Car Breaks Down)


Emergency Money

I don’t know how many times I’ve driven someplace, and all of the available parking is either metered or cash-only. In my case, I almost never have any cash on hand (I’m all plastic), and this is when I kick myself for not keeping some spare change in the car. Having a little extra cash in the car can come in handy in countless situations. It’s easy to just tuck away a couple extra dollars in your glove for emergency cases, which will save you from a lot of trouble.


If your car ever breaks down in the middle of the night, a flashlight will be your savior. Nowadays, there are compact LED flashlights available that will brighten up the night and take up very little space in your glove compartment. Spare batteries wouldn’t hurt either.

Duct Tape

Duct tape mends all things. Okay, not really, but in all seriousness it can definitely temporarily patch things in a hurry. Have a roll in your car just in case you need to McGyver a strap for a dangling pipe or patch a blown radiator hose. You can also find Rescue Tape, a self-fusing silicone tape (it’s also heat resistant and water proof) at your local stores at a very low cost. (Related blog: Car Repairs That YOU Can Do)

Extra Napkins

Whether you have a spill or need to handle a big sneeze, extra paper towels will never be useless. I always save any extra napkins I get from fast food joints, it’s free and compact! You never know what you’ll need to clean up in a hurry to keep your car in pristine condition.

Old, Fully Charged Cell Phone

I know I’ve been hoarding all of my old phones from the flip-phone era, and now it’s time I put it to good use. Keep a fully charged old phone (turned off of course) in your glove for those days when you forget your phone or phone charger. A deactivated phone can still call 911 for emergencies. 

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