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Tips for Improving Fuel Economy

With fuel prices nearing record levels, everyone is concerned with the price of gas. Sure, the fact you're emptying your bank account at the gas station could be because of the fuel pump in your fuel pump assembly, but it's not likely. There are a few things you can do about increasing fuel efficiency to lessen the sting. Here are a few tips so save you some money at the pump.

1. Drive Efficiently – Slow down. Going fast on the freeway is tempting, even if it only saves us a few minutes, but it takes a lot more gas to drive 70mph than it does to drive 60mph – up to 2-4 miles per gallon! Also, try not to stomp on the gas or breaks. Ease on both the gas and the breaks to accelerate and decelerate and you will do wonders for your fuel economy.

2. Maintain your Vehicle – Always keep your tires properly pressurized. Inflating low tires can increase your fuel economy by 3.3%! Keep your air filter clean, and if it’s filled with dirt and debris replace it. Check your owner’s manual and make sure to get tune-ups at the properly scheduled times, and always put the recommended octane fuel in your car. You may think you’re doing your car a favor by using premium fuel, but if it isn’t designed to run on high octane fuel you are spending more money for no benefit.

3. Make Fuel Efficient Trips – If you have several errands to run, try doing all of them at once and in a loop from your house and back to minimize the distance you drive.

4. Buy Gas When It’s Cool – Gas up in the morning after it’s been cool all night. Fuel is denser when cold – since gas pumps measure by volume you’ll get more gas if you pump when it’s cool outside.

5. Avoid “Gas-Saving” Additives – Many people are out to save gas, so fuel additives that supposedly “save gas” are all over the market. Beware – Consumer Reports has tested many of these products and found them to be completely bogus.

6. Get the Best Price – As long as it’s not out of your way, you can use sites like gasbuddy.com to find the best price of gas. Keep in mind though that even going one mile out of your way to go to a different gas station can nullify a 0.5 cent savings in gas.

7. Lighten Your Load – Don’t keep extraneous things in your trunk or car. Everything you’re hauling around in your car puts extra load on your engine and decreases fuel economy.

8. Drive Less – when it’s practical, walk or ride your bike to nearby destinations. That not only saves gas, but is good for your body and your mind.

Hopefully with these tips you’ll be going to the gas station less often. It’s not always practical to go out and buy a more fuel efficient car, so this way you can make sure the vehicle you have is getting the best fuel mileage possible.

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