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Turbocharger vs. Supercharger: Which is Best and Why?

Turbocharger vs. Supercharger infographic


Why is a Turbocharger Better than a Supercharger?



There are a few reasons installing a turbocharger in your vehicle is better than a supercharger. The advantages of having a turbocharger include:




Turbocharger produces much more power relative to its size.


Higher Efficiency


Turbos are more efficient than a supercharger and can provide a significant increase in horsepower.


Fuel Economy


You get better fuel economy from a turbocharger, they are known to improve fuel economy by as much as 20-40%.




Turbos are also generally known to be quieter than a supercharger, so if you're a fan of a more peaceful ride, turbos are the way to go.


Future of the Turbocharger


One fun fact about the future of turbochargers; the market for a turbo is expected to grow even faster over the next few years with 43% of new vehicles expected to be turbocharged by 2019.


Why is a Supercharger Better than a Turbocharger?



Despite being considered a grandpa in comparison to turbochargers, superchargers were only invented a few years before the turbocharger. Some advantages of a supercharger include:


No Lag


A supercharger has no lag and consistent power delivery. Power delivery is instantaneous because the supercharger is driven by the engine’s crankshaft.


Increased Horsepower


Adding a supercharger is a quick way to boost power to any engine.


Low RPM boost


Superchargers provide good power at a low RPM in comparison to a turbocharger.


Low Price


Superchargers are a cost effective way of increasing horsepower.


Future of the Supercharger


As was mentioned earlier, turbochargers are on the rise at the expense of the supercharger. Even to the surprise of some industry experts, turbochargers are increasing at a dramatically fast rate and are leaving supercharger production in the dust. This is because a turbocharged engine offers a "no compromise" solution for automakers that need to meet increasingly strict fuel economy and emission standards, while meeting customer demand for better-performing vehicles. Manufacturers are also combining turbochargers with direct fuel injection technology to allow them to offer smaller gasoline engines, which saves fuel without sacrificing power. The final added benefit that many green consumers love is that turbochargers help reduce harmful exhaust emissions and help improve fuel efficiency.


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