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Is My Wheel Hub Assembly Or Are My Wheel Bearings Bad?

Wheel Hub and Wheel Bearing

March 29, 2013 - So, you’re hearing noises again? Hmm, yep there is probably an issue if you are hearing a grinding sound coming from your wheels. Whether it’s just one or all, you got to check out the issue.

Do you hear whirring or grinding in your wheels? Maybe you hear a whining, squeal, squeak, moan, or downright screech. Or maybe your wheel has a wobble to it? Whatever you call it or however high pitched it might be it doesn’t belong in your wheels!

It’s not unusual for problems to turn out much worse because they ignored it. Something that is starting to mess up and doesn’t get attention will get worse.

How many times have you heard someone say, “Well, I heard a noise like something rattling and whirring around a time or two, but it would just quit, so I didn’t think anything of it.” That’s your first warning sign. If you hear something once, it might be your ears, but if it repeats it needs to be checked thoroughly.

Regardless of which funny sound is coming from your wheel or wheels there’s a real good chance the problem is either your wheel bearings or wheel hub assembly.

What are the Wheel Hub Assembly and Wheel Bearings?

Well, good question.

You can look in the center of your wheels and probably see your wheel hub. Those studs that stick out which you put your wheel on, then screw the lug nuts on? Those are the studs connected to your wheel hub. This important auto part rests between the brake drums and the drive axle.

In most vehicles, ABS and speed sensors are located within the hub assembly. Wheel bearings are inside the wheel hub and are the culprits of all that intermittent or constant racket you hear and try to describe to your mechanic.

You can tell from this simple description that both the wheel hub and the bearings are critically important. These are key parts of your steering and suspension systems. If you let them become too damaged, it can lead to serious problems. Don’t ignore those sounds in your wheels.

Can You Replace The Wheel Hub Assembly or Wheel Bearings Yourself?

This is a question that many have asked and many have tried. Not nearly so many have succeeded though. You will likely need special tools.  Too watch a video of what all goes into a wheel hub replacement CLICK HERE.

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