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Major Automotive Invention Milestones

June 27, 2013 - Most of us are surrounded by technology and inventions in our daily lives that for the most part we take for granted. Sometimes it is good to look back at how the various technologies we have at our disposal got their start. It can be truly fascinating, enlightening and inspiring.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like without access to a car or automobile of any kind? The modern car has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the late 19th century. Let’s go on a journey to learn the origins of the automobile and all the major breakthroughs that were achieved.

This is a very brief history of cars and the inventors who made it all happen.


Karl Benz builds an automobile with a custom made engine of his own design. This was the first vehicle that you could call a modern automobile.


Benz starts to sell his vehicles and the automotive industry is born.


In this year the brothers Frank and Charles Duryea test the very first American gasoline powered car.

Also the car license plate is invented in France.


Scotland makes its contribution to the world of automobiles by introducing the four wheel brake.


Safety glass becomes a standard inclusion in all cars manufactured by Rickenbacker.


After a successful 20 year run we say farewell to Ford’s Model-T, which was responsible for revolutionizing the automobile industry. It was the first ever mass produced car on an assembly line in the United States.


Car seat belts became more widely used with companies like Ford, GM and Chrysler offering them in their vehicles.


Volvo was proud to introduce the padded dashboard


Ford introduces the first airbags to address the safety of drivers.


All new passenger cars are made with dual airbags as a standard feature, helping improve safety and reduce casualties in accidents.


Nissan Leaf launched as the first ever mass production all-electric car. The Chevrolet Volt has the honor of being the first mass production plug-in hybrid.

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