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Wheel Hub Repair Videos and Articles

The wheels are components that get their energy from the engine and spin to move the vehicle. They are connected to the steering mechanism, which turns them according to the motion of the steering wheel. Even with all parts of your car working well, if the wheel assembly becomes faulty, it will result in a less-than-satisfactory driving experience. This section explains the importance of the wheel hub in a vehicle along with the various symptoms of its failure. You can click on the articles below to get an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of wheel hubs.


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Wheel Hub    

Construction and Function of Wheel Hubs

The wheel hub acts as a mounting assembly for the wheels of a vehicle. It is a simple structure made of metal that has metal studs on its surface. The hub houses the wheel bearing and supports the lugs. The wheel bearings assist the wheels in turning smoothly. The wheel hub is also attached to the brake rotor. Basically, the function of the wheel hub is to keep the wheel spinning freely on the bearing while keeping it attached to the vehicle.

ABS Sensors in Wheel Hubs

Most modern automobiles include an ABS (anti-lock braking system) sensor in the wheel hub assembly. This sensor is fitted in place to send information to the ECU about the rotational speeds of each wheel. Based on the speeds, if any signs of traction loss are detected, necessary action is taken by the ABS to restore traction. The ABS sensor is attached to the wheel hub unit through an electrical connector.

Causes of Defective Wheel Hubs

In most cases, it is not the wheel hub that actually turns bad. The bearings in the hub usually go bad due to age and accumulation of debris. A common symptom of bad wheel bearings is when your vehicle lists to one side while driving. As the wheel hub actually keeps your wheels intact, any fault in the hub and its associated components will result in wandering wheels and irregular wear on your tires. While rounding a sharp turn, if you hear a whirring or squealing noise from the wheel, it is likely that your wheel hub needs attention. As the ABS sensor is a part of your hub, it can also fail and light up the ABS sensor indicator in your vehicle's dashboard.

Significance of the Right Installation

The wheel hub is the only part that actually holds the wheels to the car, so it is very important that special attention be paid when these parts are being installed. When you take the wheels off your car, the first visible thing will be the wheel hub.

The wheel hub is a part that can easily be installed by a mechanically-inclined person. During installation, the wheel hub needs to be torqued to the specified values. Most manufacturers will void the warranty of the part if it goes defective due to any problems sustained because of improper installation. So, have your owner's manual at hand when you replace the wheel hubs. While you are looking for replacement wheel hubs, be aware that the configurations of ABS included in wheel hubs are different in various vehicles. So, choose the right replacement accordingly.

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